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Tips and Tricks for Event Planning

Planning and hosting an event can be a huge undertaking. There is so much that goes into it that the process can be frustrating and challenging. For anyone planning an event in New York City, a top event planning company in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design company that works will all clients. They have put on corporate events, private events, fundraisers, weddings, and the list goes on. Twenty Three Layers has a great eye for detail and nothing it left out. Each event is created to be unique and no two are ever alike. Learn more:

Some people have made event planning their career and their passion in life. Those people are the best of the best and have some tips and tricks for anyone who wishes to take on the task of planning an event. The number one trick of the trade is to plan ahead. Make checklists and refer to these lists often and update them as necessary. There are phone apps available that help with this process.

When it comes to invites, it is perfectly acceptable to use digital invites and text messages. Save some trees and use modern technology. Most people are connected anyway and using digital versions are generally well received. If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider bringing on a co-host. Even if the co-host is a spouse or friend, you will not feel alone and have another person to share the responsibilities with.

For events that involve children, go simple. Have food that is easy to prepare and easy to serve. Use labels for the food so everyone will know what is being served without having to answer multiple questions. Have some form of entertainment set up for the children. That could be crafts or an entertainer but have something there for them.

There is a lot that goes into planning any event. There are many ways to make the event go off smoothly on your own but if you want the help of event planners in NYC, check out Twenty Three Layers.

Class Dojo Raises Money to Expand App

ClassDojo, a free app, has finished their second round funding raising by collecting close to 21 million dollars to help grow and expand the app, which does not charge teachers, students, and parents for its communication features. Teachers are able to communicate daily about progress and behavior.


This constant communication between teachers and parents has helped make parent teacher conferences easier and less surprising. Co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don say they will use this round of funding to hire more team members and figure out what features parents can use at home, not just at school. Class Dojo wants to give parents the empowerment to participate with their child’s education.


Some of the features teachers use is create a schedule, students can send photos or videos of their class moments, and other features. The co-founders align the growth of Class Dojo to more of a social media account. The co-founders surveyed teachers back in 2011 to see what they could use to help them in their daily activities.


The app is so popular that it is used in 2 out of 3 schools nationwide. Profit is not their major concern. This 25 employee startup has not made a profit yet. The founders anticipate making money but not off personal information. Privacy is a huge concern when it comes to student information. Class Dojo expects to have pay features that parents might pay for to use at home.


ClassDojo is a communication app that is free and available via a web site, apple, and android devices. It is easy to use; teachers just have to type in student names and a class code is generated. Students and parents are given a pre made template letter to help them sign up. Class Dojo communications whole class announcements and student specific announcements. The popular Student Story and Class Story allows students and teachers to share priceless moments within the classroom. This company has also joined the Growth Mindset movement by producing a series of videos and lessons. This communication platform has created a community like atmosphere within the classroom. There needs to be a ground up change in education, and Class Dojo helps.

A Review Of The Achievements Of Labaton Sucharow In Fight Against Violations

Labaton Sucharow is a legal practice that has been in the legal industry for over four decades delivering services to companies in several specialties. Over the last six years, they have dedicated their service to helping whistleblowers present facts to the SEC and earn top compensation. Through this initiative, they have managed to work with hundreds of whistleblowers, who have emerged successful in the cases they have submitted to the SEC.

Their biggest achievement came recently with the announcement made by the SEC regarding their client. One of the clients supported by Labaton Sucharow earned the second best amount of $17 million from the SEC Whistleblower Program. The whistleblower exposed wrong doings in the financial industry and the case involved key players in the industry, which makes it a high profile submission.

Many people who had the information about these violations could not step forward to alert the SEC about the perpetration, but the Labaton Sucharow client emerged with all facts and evidence, something that showed how brave whistleblowers are getting due to the additional provisions and protections that have come with the introduction of the SEC Whistleblower Program.

The SEC Whistleblower Program: Overview
Incepted in 2010 following amendments to the Consumer Protection Act, the SEC Whistleblower Program came up with new regulations that are friendly to whistleblowers and drafted to assist them in the process of presenting their cases to the body. One of the rights introduced to secure whistleblowers is the employment protections that allow them to continue working undeterred even when they present cases involving their employers.

With the anonymous reporting capability, whistleblowers can present their facts without fear that they would be victimized afterwards. This particular provision has allowed more cases to see the light since many whistleblowers would shy away from sharing details for fear they would be victimized when their identities were revealed. Most important in the achievements of the SEC is the introduction of rewards for whistleblowers, which go up to 30 percent of total sanction collected.

Labaton Sucharow
For over 50 years, Labaton Sucharow has remained the country’s leading law firm working with institutional investors, businesses and consumers in business and securities litigation. Labaton Sucharow remains the first law firm to embrace working with whistleblowers to assist them present their facts to the SEC Whistleblower Program. Through this initiative, they have assisted hundreds of whistleblowers since most of them barely understand the legal framework surrounding the SEC Whistleblower Program.

How Do Devco Loans Work In New Jersey?

DEVCO loans are helping a lot of small communities in New Jersey to redevelop what they are not happy with. There are a lot of people who are doing well because they live in these new neighborhoods that were created with money from Devco. Devco is a very good company that produces loans for towns in New Jersey that want to do some new development that they feel is necessary. The Press of Atlantic City has reported on this before, and the cities in New Jersey that are benefiting from this are able to make a change that improves the lives of everyone in town.

The most popular thing to build is a hotel or casino, and it is a very fun place for people to come when they are traveling through the area. There are many reasons to do this, but the most important part is making sure that people are able to get jobs. The jobs that people are looking for are going to be right there, and they will come in many forms. The jobs will help to employ all the people in the area, and the people who have been stuck there without jobs for a long time will be able to make a change.

The best thing that happens to these cities is getting a Devco loan that will help them make sure that they can bring in millions in tax money every year. They will have that one project that they can build on their own with Devco money, and then Devco can help the city find out how they will be able to attract other businesses. There are many ways to make sure that people have jobs, and they will see their lives change when their communities are built up with help from Devco.

Doe Deere Takes The Helm And Shows How Women Can Be Leaders

Doe Deere Ideamensch

Being a leader in contemporary society is something that takes a great many kinds of skills. Someone who is going to assume a leadership role knows that they must be prepared to demonstrate that they are committed to certain goals and capable of carrying them out well. Such is the world of Doe Deere. Like so many others before her, she did not quite intend to become a leader. Instead, the position became part of her life when she started a different venture. Her online makeup company, Lime Crime, is one of the most important makeup retailers in the world. What started as a part time idea has since become something far more than she expected. As the company has grown and expanded, so too has her need to take on leadership roles and show her employees how to work with clients and how to continue her vision of artistry and makeup becoming one for her numerous fans and clients.

Taking The Helm

Taking the helm at Lime Crime has meant that Deere has needed to step forward and show off her innate leadership skills. She knows that leadership isn’t always easy. She also knows that she has to lead not only by asking people to do things for her but also by being willing to do such things herself. The expansion of the company has meant that she needs to show her employees what it means to think out of the box and reach out to clients in new and entirely novel ways that they may not have thought about before at all. It is this devotion to her fans and to her own product line that has helped her demonstrate what it means to be a leader in contemporary society. She comes to work each day ready to show people that she’s going to be there at all times, offering people innovative solutions to problems and demonstrating how her Lime Crime products can improve their lives. With her help, the company has been able to expand not only online but also into direct retailing into stores all over the country as well. She knows that she must continue to devote herself to such ideals in order to keep the company a true success for all of her employees and her many fans.

Making It Happen

With her help, she has made a new life for herself and her fans. She has seen how her own leadership skills have lead to the rise of Lime Crime in the world of makeup. She knows that it is not enough to have an idea. Rather, people need to expand that idea and push it. As someone with boundless resources, she has been able to bring out her own sense of energy and tame it well. Her passion for this world has been channeled in an effective manner, allowing her to devote her time to thinking up new creative products. She knows that she has something truly wonderful to offer the world.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez to Address Lack of Balance in Venezuelan Government and Political System

The Venezuelan government has been operating without any sense of transparency for a long time, and Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes people need leaders who are not just interested in politics but also in growth. That means that the country doesn’t just need politicians but people who will be accountable for all that they haven’t done. Jose Manuel Gonzales is ready to use his experience as a businessman to make his homeland grow and make it easier for citizens to have access to services.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez suggests that change is only possible if those serving in government will involve people especially the normal ordinary citizens. He believes he is capable of making a change to the way Venezuela is run so that people can be comfortable and enjoy the things offered by the government. The country needs a better future, which has to be built today. His commitment to getting people involved is a promise for a better country as well as economic growth.

Manuel sees firsthand what should be done to restore the trust and support of people in their government. His experience in running businesses is in the agricultural sector will be useful in making a difference for the Venezuelan citizens. He has the right intentions and expertise needed to manage budgeting processes as well as ensure people are accountable to their work. The many people working for him will be involved in the new government, and he will work with every other person whose intention is to make it more efficient.

Due to his considerable experience in business, Jose Manuel Gonzalez was appointed the head of Federation of Chamber of Commerce. He served in the National Assembly as a representative for the Guarico State. While in the National Assemble, Gonzalez also served as deputy of the National Assembly. He has made agricultural products that are successful thus propelling his reputation and popularity in the field.

The key area of focus for the Venezuelan businessman is on addressing the lack of balance within the government and the country’s political system. He believes that the parliament has to work efficiently to stimulate economic growth and restore peace during a crisis. Gonzalez has the results to prove he would be the leader Venezuela needs clearly.

Bury the Bad to Get the Good

It is easy for companies to get bogged down by a series of bad articles. Having too many bad articles in Google search results can be detrimental to the companies’ reputations. In fact, even just one negative article or comment on the Internet can show up on the first few pages of Google search results. Since nearly everything published on the Internet is very permanent, just one negative article or comment can ruin your company’s reputation.

So, how do you combat these negative articles? The best way to fight against these naysayers is by publishing good, positive content. Publishing good content will help to push down these negative articles to the bottom of the search engine listings. You should always make sure that the newer content is search engine optimized so that it is more likely for this content to appear first. Once this newer, more fresher content starts ranking higher than the bad content, then people are less likely to see the bad.

In a nutshell, you have to bury negative search results. You bury bad news in order for the good news to rank higher. But you do not have to do itself. can provide this service for you or your company.

Bury Bad Articles guarantees a 100 percent of their services. You can even obtain a free quote by contacting them at their website at They understand that having at least four negative articles about your company can cost you up to 70 percent of potential customers. Do not let this happen to you. Contact today to get your search rankings sorted out.

The SEC’s Exclusive Prize to a Client of the Lebaton Sucharow Law Company.

Labaton Sucharow law firm is a front-runner in the provision of whistleblower representation services. The company created a division that only practices whistleblower law in 2010 after the Securities and Exchange Commission formed legislation that protects its informants. The firm recently informed the public on its recent achievement, which is assisting one of its clients to be awarded $17 million by the SEC for the information that he offered, about a rogue company in the financial sector. This prize was the second highest that the commission has ever paid to a source since the enactment of the protection program approximately five years ago. The SEC whistleblower plan demands that the reward that the whistleblower is offered should be at least 10 to 30 percent of the amount that is collected by the organization as penalties.

The Labaton Sucharow clients provided substantial intelligence to the SEC that assisted it in unearthing various unacceptable undertakings of a renowned company in the financial sector. The identity of the SEC informant was not revealed due to security purposes and to avoid being shut out by employers. The whistleblower was represented by a lawyer from the Lebaton Sucharow law company to maintain anonymity. The SEC also protected the identity of the whistleblower by not giving a lot of details on the case since it may assist other parties in disclosing the identity of the informant. Jordan A. Thomas who oversees the whistleblower representation program of the company believes that the took the right step by offering intelligence to the commission. Mr. Thomas is an attorney at source the company and before joining it, he worked for the SEC as a deputy director. He was also a major contributor to the creation of the whistleblower protection program.

The SEC is striving to embolden the public to report companies that do not abide by the federal securities laws. The Commission does this by assuring them a handsome reward that includes a monetary incentive and job protection. The Congress has also formed the Investor Protection Fund, which currently has $400 million that is to be used for awarding the whistleblowers.

Labaton Sucharow law  company offers legal services to businesses, capitalists, and consumers who are involved in complex cases that deal with securities. The company was established 50 years ago, and it was the first to set up the whistleblower representation practice in 2010. It offers the best plaintiff lawyers, and it has gained recognition from the Benchmark Litigation, The Legal 500, and the Chambers and Partners.

Fabletics Has The Best Plan For New Stores

Fabletics has a plan to be sure that they can reach more customers with stores that will help them sell to people who are most interested in fashion for the every day. The every day fashion that people have needs to be as nice as possible, and it helps people to be sure that they can have something that they can throw on without any problem on It make sense for people to have a store to go to to get their casual clothes, and they also have to remember that they do not have to plan.

All the Fabletics clothes that are offered to women will help them look as lean as possible, and they can go to the gym or to do errands to have a better day. Changing clothes is way too easy when people are wearing Fabletics, and that is why it was designed in the first place on Pinterest. It was created to make sure that every woman will be able to wear something that she loves, and she can change in and out of her clothes with no problem. That matters when women are trying to get to the gym and do other things, and they make sure that they have spent the time to figure out how they will be able to care for their wardrobe during the day.

Changing is easier, and shopping in the store on gives women access to more styles every time they want something new. They need to be sure that they have chosen something they like because all the clothes fit really well.

It is much faster for women to go into a Fabletics store, and they will open over 100 of them in North America to reach all women. Women can buy all their pieces, and they can be sure that they have something that will work for every day. Being in a position to change easily helps women feel beautiful, and it helps them carry their clothes with the. The vision for Fabletics as created by Kate Hudson was simple chic that any woman can wear to any location.

How could the Cook Islands Brexit gold coin protect wealth?

 Money has always been defined as a valuable medium of exchange, store of wealth and unit of account. After the June 23, 2016 Brexit vote, the world got a dose of the difference between real money and fiat currency. The Cook Islands has minted a collection of Brexit gold coins, which could be used for wealth protection.

“Is the British Pound a Fiat Currency?”

For some time, England has been at the forefront of money development, going back to its “tally sticks.” These “tally sticks” were issued by the son of William the Conqueror. As the British expanded their empire, they had more access to precious metals.

The British King Henry VII started the modern silver Pound Sterling circa 1489. In fact, “Sterling Silver” is derived from the English valuation of 92.5% silver content, which was determined at the annual “Trial of the Pyx.”

Eventually, the British established the gold standard for international trade circa 1821. This conservative monetary system used the agreed-upon “gold” as its foundation.

Gradually, the United Kingdom has turned its Pound into a fiat currency by issuing paper bills. Nobody can turn their paper currency into the British Exchequer for real physical gold. Thus, the modern Pound is based on the “trust in the British Royal fiat.”

“British Pound Reaches 30-Year Low”

The benefit of the fiat currency is that you can print it very cheaply. Unfortunately, this ease of production can also be detrimental, as Brits discovered in the week after Brexit when the British Pound fell to a 30-yr low against the US Dollar. Technically, this means that 30 years of British production value was simply wiped away.

With gold, value is not wiped out that quickly. The value of precious metals tends to rise and fall in smaller increments.

“Brexit Gold Coins”

The Cook Islands have minted a variety of proof Brexit gold coins at .9999 fineness. Investors and collectors can choose from the 1/10 ounce or 1/2 gram $20 Dollar gold coin. These are both apportioned in relatively small amounts in order to appeal to the widest customer base.

These Brexit commemorative coins include an image of the United Kingdom, an arrow and the vote date. Just as the British people have regained some autonomy, you can also increase your own freedom with always-valuable gold coins. The US Money Reserve Brexit gold coin can help you protect your real wealth.