Organo Gold Brings You The Good Flavor and Good Health of Coffee

A Chinese philosopher named Lao Tzu said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. The journey to the fountain of youth could be ike a thousand-mile journey and the one step to get there The one step to that journey could start with a cup of coffee

The journal called the Annals Internal Medicine has reported about two studies that say that drinking a cup of coffee could make it less likely that a person get a number of diseases which includes heart stroke and disease.

One study talked to 185,000 Americans and asked them whether they drank caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. They then looked at their health. The result of the study was that no matter what kind of coffee that they drank, it lowered the chances that people will get cancer, heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. The results were the same, no matter what the ethnic background of the person was.

In Europe, a similar study was with about 500,000 people in 10 different countries. The result was that ople who drank many cups of coffee had much better health then people who did not drink coffee on a regular basis.

Organo Gold will help with his or her health as other coffees have been proven to improve his or her health. This coffer will also improve hie or her health as per of the company’s weight loss kit.

Another Organo Gold coffee is Organo Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee. This coffee is instant and organic. This coffee has a deep, rich and bold flavor that is like the coffee above, is enhanced by Ganoderma Spore Powder. Ganoderma Spores come from the Ganoderma plant and spores are the seeds that this plant produces, It takes 5 to 7 months until these seeds reach their full maturity. A person will get all the health benefits of coffee and have good taste.

Two studies have proven that coffee could be healthy for a person and Organo Gold will benefit a person as well.

Award-Winning Video Marketing Company Offers No-Risk Free Trial


For those looking to take the next step in video marketing technology, Talk Fusion is offering a free trial of their award-winning video chat and related tools. The free trial is valid for 30 days from sign-up, as a generous preview for these state-of-the-art technologies. Along with their celebrated video chat, they offer video email, video newsletters, online meetings and sign-up forms.

Talk Fusion was awarded the 2016 WebRTC product of the year for video chat. They have spent many months planning this opportunity for potential customers, because Talk Fusion is confident that to try them is to love them. Also included is access to their extensive library of video tutorials, white papers, and other business-boosting guides.

The company was founded by Bob Reina, a former full-time police officer who started out in direct sales as a side business. Recognizing a need for video email, he used his experience in direct sales to launch his own business. Talk Fusion is the culmination of his willingness to develop not only cutting-edge technologies, but upcoming markets and radical incentive programs. He has muscled the company into more than 140 countries.

Mr. Reina is a noted animal charities supporter, having donated $1 million dollars in 2012 to a local animal rescue in Tampa Bay. It was the largest donation ever received by the charity in its 100 years of operation. Just one example of his generosity and his commitment to those around him.

The Talk Fusion trial does not require a credit card, only a name and email address.

Urbana’s Video Reel On Display at Vimeo

Colorado native Jon Urbana has been well known to his local community for many years, largely for the role he has played as a lacrosse player and coach at NLLC, and for his strong business sense. In recent years the Ellipse Technologies USA cofounder has been revealing the other sides of his personality, including his love of the outdoors and different cuisines from around the world displayed on his Facebook profile..

Jon Urbana has always had a love of the outdoors and traveling, two activities he has included in his latest videos (seen on Twitter) form the mountains of Alaska. The mountains are captured in all their beauty from the ground and the air as the Villanova photographer reveals the movement of the clouds around the mountains.
The airborne work of Jon Urbana shows the skills he has developed as a pilot that have resulted in him being named to the FAA Airmen Database. Jon Urbana first came to the fore as a lacrosse standout at Villanova before going on to give back to the community through his annual Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The love of an active lifestyle is clear to see in the GoFundMe movement spearheaded by Jon Urbana, particularly in the cross country skiing images posted during a winter sports trip. Once again Urbana has placed himself in a beautiful landscape as he shows his skills as a winter sports expert away from the manicured slopes.

As a former lacrosse player, Jon Urbana also looks to show off his love for sports and the arenas they are played within. A series of images showing the beauty of the stadiums Urbana has visited are available with stunning skylines behind them.

There is more to the life of Jon Urbana and his music than simply showing off the exciting life he lives. Instead, Urbana also looks to use his videos to publicize the various charitable efforts he supports through CrowdRise and Go Fund Me pages that show the various causes the executive supports in his fund raising efforts.