A lot of people associate straight razors with an old fashion barber shop and the elderly barber covering your face with shaving cream and delicately swiping off that bushy beard of yours. Or you may picture that rugged westerner that just pulls out his Arkansas toothpick and dryly runs it across his prickly face, ouch! But the reality is a straight razor hair cut is actually increasingly popular for men and woman looking for a more adventurous look! You see rather than the basic straight lines scissors may create, a razor gives an experienced stylist the perfect opportunity to be creative and give you many unique styles that will make you stand out! There are a few different types of hair razors and Donald Scott NYC has a great selection! Whether you are looking for the stylish straight blade like the DS/X4 razor or want something more like the revolutionary carving comb with a 3 in 1 design with razors in two variations of comb and then just a regular comb handle. And lets not forget to always start, and finish with the Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide, which works in perfect harmony with all the great products from Donald Scott NYC.