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Wen Makes Healthy Hair Easy

If you have been struggling to find hair care products that make your hair healthy and manageable then you are not alone. Most people struggle to find products that will continue to give the results that they are after. The reason that finding and sticking with great hair care depends on a variety of points. Some products end up leaving heavy build-up over time that weighs the hair down. Still, others contain chemicals and additives that strip hair of its natural oils and leave the cuticle ragged and vulnerable to breakage. If you have been struggling to find a great hair care product that cleans and leave hair looking shiny and manageable then you should try Wen by Chaz Dean.

Wen is a combination of rich natural ingredients including botanicals. Chaz Dean ( knew that he needed to make Wen from ingredients that would leave the hair clean and fresh without stripping all of the natural oils. Simply apply a generous amount of Wen and work through wet hair and then rinse out. You will be left with hair that is in the best shape of its life.

Once celebrities began using Wen the popularity of the product exploded. Fans began to notice the dramatic difference in the health of their hair. People everywhere began to buy Wen and it became a huge success. You can now find Wen in all of the major retail stores and salons all over the country. Wen is giving people results that they have never been able to achieve with other products. Thanks to Chaz Dean, everyone can have healthy and manageable hair that they can be proud of. WEN products are usually purchased online through the exclusive website, but it can also be found at some local retailers like Sephora, Amazon, eBay and many other stores.


EOS Lip Balm Has Changed The Industry

For years, brands like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees have dominated the lip balm industry. That is until EOS lip balm was introduced to the market. The company was founded by Craig Dubitsky and Sanjiv Mehra. The founders admitted on a Fast Company interview that they initially pitched their products to smaller stores and finally found a way to get their lip balms into Walgreens. From there, other major supermarkets and grocery stores started to feature EOS.

EOS lip balms are made from natural and organic ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. The vanilla bean flavor is particularly popular during the holiday season, has a pleasant scent, and provides a slight shine and smoothing ingredients that protect the lips in cold weather. Passion fruit is another popular EOS lip balm. It softens the lips and is gluten free, which is beneficial for those who suffer from gluten allergies and intolerances. EOS also offers a blueberry acai lip balm, which is made from 95% organic ingredients and contains antioxidants that can make the lips look especially youthful.

In addition to the lip balms that EOS is known for, the company also offers hand and body lotion. These moisturizers come in cucumber, which helps the hands to look revitalized, berry blossom, which has shea butter to shield the hands from harsh weather and fresh flowers, which absorbs quickly and has a smooth feel.

The company also makes shaving creams with oat and aloe to keep the skin protected during shaving. These creams are available in tropical fruit, vanilla, lavender jasmine and raspberry pomegranate varieties.

More information on EOS lip balms, lotions and shaving creams can be found at

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Movie Style Commercial For Fabletics

Fabletics is an amazing line of athletic and “athleisure” clothes and gear founded by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson leads an active lifestyle, which is one of the reasons why the brand was born. She believes in a healthy active lifestyle and she believes that everyone else who seeks to live this active and healthy lifestyle should have some awesome gear and workout clothes to do it in.

The most recent commercial for Fabletics includes short videos of Kate Hudson in short snippets actually working out and wearing Fabletics in her every day life. Hudson is wearing a matching bra top and athletic pant on the pilates reformer. She is doing yoga in her living room, and even (gasp!) eating donuts at her kitchen island in her athletic clothes presumably recharging in between her next athletic pursuit.

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Kate jump ropes, does some pilates and yoga poses on a yoga ball, and outfits herself in some shorts for an intro to skateboarding session on Instagram. Letting people in on a sneak peak of how Kate lives her life behind the scenes makes it easier for customers to see how they could also benefit from wearing her Fabletics line in their own active lifestyles.

There are many different styles to choose from at Fabletics and all of the clothes are patterned, bright, and fashion forward, seeking to make workouts fun and fashionable rather than dreary and dull. There are great tops for yoga that are movable and breathable but also work for running errands. There are great yoga pants but also no shortage of running shorts that breathe for those marathon runners or weekend joggers. The great thing about Fabletics is that the clothes are versatile. They are great for using on the pilates reformer but are cute enough to lounge around in, even while poking your fingers in a box of donuts for a quick nosh. See: