There are several well known philanthropists that like to make headlines across the world. One such individual is the United Kingdom native, Greg Secker. Mr. Secker was recently the subject of a well documented article that was published on May 15, 2017 on the Ideamensch website. The article is titled, “Greg Secker-Founder Of The Greg Secker Foundation.”

The article is a well written and very thorough piece about the professional life of Mr. Secker. It describes his various roles in the financial industry and the foreign exchange industry. The article also lists the various awards that Mr. Secker and his various companies have been nominated for and won.

Greg Secker’s amazing works in philanthropy and charitable works was also discussed in this publication. Mr. Secker started The Greg Secker Foundation to help individuals be able to enrich their lives through education, gaining essential life skills, and various leadership programs. He also stated a program that’s sole purpose is to rebuild a community in the Philippines that was obliterated by a typhoon. The program that is building this new sustainable community is Build A House, Build A Home, Restore A Community. These two charitable organizations are among Greg Secker’s most beloved life projects.

In addition to his various companies and charitable organizations, Mr. Secker is also a world renowned motivational speaker. He has spoken at numerous conferences and events in various countries. Mr. Secker is also the author of several books such as Financial Freedom Through Forex. In addition to writing his own books, he has also contributed to several other financial publications.

There is little doubt that Greg Secker is one of the more influential individuals of the 21st century. This self made multimillionaire is an entrepreneur, master trader, philanthropist, international motivational speaker, and a published author. His extremely successful companies include Learn To Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital, and SmartCharts Software.