Knowing Robert Santiago in Person

Robert Santiago was born on July 16, 1958, in Joao Pessoa. Mr. Santiago attended Pio X-Marist College before joining University center of Joao where he earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He began working at Café Santa Rosa a décor manufacturing company. He developed an interest in business thus he left the company to start Cartonnage Company, where he sold cartons made of cardboard that later grew to produce a number of decorative items.


Building an Empire

Mr. Robert Santiago used the profits earned from his company to invest in the real estate. This step turned out to be successful in building his portfolio as a businessman, it is through this idea of real estate investment when he came up with the Manaira shopping Mall idea and he began constructing it in 1987. Mr. Santiago aimed to create a haven that could comprise leisure, sales, and tour center just under one roof. The shopping Mall comprises of rooftop concert hall, gaming area, a theater, food court, shopping centers, financial institutions, gym and a College. The investment so far has seen the employment of over than one million employees in the country. According to the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers’ report, there is a dramatic increase in the shopping sector and Santiago’s mall is one of the leading achievers in the industry.


His influence in the Economy of Joao Pessoa

Though Santiago has well established himself in the field of entrepreneurship, his journey of success started as a blogger. He used to write about the success of his country, then he expanded to film production till he finally ended up into entrepreneurship. Besides his popular Manaira shopping Mall, he has other investments under his name, like Mangabeira shopping Mall that was developed in 2013. Santiago’s two investments have lifted both economic and social aspect of Joao Pessoa city, thus attracting many corporations to the city and giving the residents of the area countless options to earn a living.


As Robert Santiago is a fun loving individual, he has also invested heavily in a state of art entertainment hub. Those who are the fun of movies get the opportunity to enjoy their 3D movies. Tourists to Brazil can learn about the Brazilian culture in a unique way by visiting Domus Hall, live concerts and other exhibitions that are all under the Manaira shopping Mall.


During the economic crises of 2015, Robert Santiago’s investment was not affected as the other sector of the economy was experiencing crises. Due to that strength of the economy in the investments of Santiago’s investment, many investors have been attracted to them. Currently, Mr. Santiago is planning to continue reinventing and increasing growth sectors of leisure, sales, and tourist centers.