“Every person has something special about them.” These are great inspirational words from a very inspirational and “bright” woman who followed her dream. Her line of cosmetics, Lime Crime, gravitate towards what is special about her, and she truly wants others to follow their dream, whatever is special about them.


Creating a cosmetic line of the robust, vibrant, out of the ordinary line of color, Doe Deere has an entrepreneurial spirit that far exceeds any other driven woman; she puts her visions into action, and fulfills her mission. There is something very extraordinary about this woman, it’s not simply in her product line, it’s in the excitement she creates.


Born in Russia and moving to the states at age 17, her dream was to become a musician. And of course, she fulfilled that dream which not only gave her the ability to bring out her “star-like” skills, but taught her marketing strategies as well. Meeting her husband in the band, who has now turned business partner, is just another benefit to her humble beginnings in the music industry. Always being an ambitious soul, even before she came to New York, she sold temporary tattoos as a young girl. Claiming to always having a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit is an understatement.


When her vision to create Lime Crime appeared in her driven beautiful head, it did not sit as simply an idea, she made it a reality. This reality has given women all over the world the opportunity to express themselves in every color under the rainbow, walk in more confidence than ever before, and exceed their wildest expectations when it comes to being who they are, and giving them the freedom to be themselves. In a world where we desire to be out of the norm, yet are intimidated by what others might think, Doe Deere and Lime Crime have created confidence, encouraging women to step out and find what they too are passionate about.


Doe Deere is not just a woman who created make-up. Doe Deere is a woman who took a dream, persevered through obstacles, kept on track with her vision, and made it a reality for us. She is one remarkable woman we can all benefit from, stepping out of our own comfort zones to display ourselves without judgement.


A little color, a lot of color, a shade of the unusual, Lime Crime and Doe Deere are bringing your confidence to the streets, and your look noticed. If this woman can take a dream, make it a reality and says “Everyone has something special about them”, we should all listen. It’s time to be who we really want to be, thanks to this role model and Lime Crime.

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