This is a FreedomPop review. In the early days of Internet some people pushed for it to be free. You don’t hear that so much anymore. For most people monthly internet paying is just something they do. However, FreedomPop, a mobile and internet service provider is changing that by actually introducing a free plan. Although it is not a comprehensive plan to be perfectly suitable for everyone, it is at least a decent plan for one that is free. And although their free plan is the plan that has made FreedomPop famous, there are a number of low priced plans that are also very good.


Their free plan gives you 500 MB of 4G data, 200 voice minutes, and unlimited texting. In addition, there are no contracts or cancellation fees so you can cancel whenever you want. All this for a free plan is pretty good, but 500 MB is still pretty low. That is why FreedomPop makes it clear that the free plan is best for light users. If you are not a light user, you will likely end up going over your monthly allotment which will, in fact, cost you. These overage charges for FreedomPop is $10. This is an automatic bump up to the next payment level.


They will alert you by email before it happens so that you can opt out if you choose. After the first year this free service becomes a $10.99 per month service. Of course, while using the free 500 MB plan you can go ahead and choose to up your assigned 500 MB data at a cost of 2 cents per MB. You can also get more data by inviting friends who sign up because of your invitation. Through a FreedomPop program called Freedom Friends, you can invite friends for an additional 10 MB per month to your plan for every friend you bring into the fold.


As mentioned, however, if you are going to use the services of FreedomPop you are not obligated to use the free service if you are sure you will usually use more than 500 MB a month. The next plan up is the $5 per month plan which uses 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots from all over for the full used of voice, text, and data. This is an ideal option for those who are almost always in the city where there is Wi-Fi access almost everywhere. It is also a popular plan for parents to get for their teenagers since there is no phone connectivity in the car.


The next plan after that is the $10.99 per month Unlimited Talk and Text Monthly plan. This plan also gives 500 MB. There is also unlimited talk and text and the option of toggling between Wi-Fi or cellular use.