Planning and hosting an event can be a huge undertaking. There is so much that goes into it that the process can be frustrating and challenging. For anyone planning an event in New York City, a top event planning company in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design company that works will all clients. They have put on corporate events, private events, fundraisers, weddings, and the list goes on. Twenty Three Layers has a great eye for detail and nothing it left out. Each event is created to be unique and no two are ever alike. Learn more:

Some people have made event planning their career and their passion in life. Those people are the best of the best and have some tips and tricks for anyone who wishes to take on the task of planning an event. The number one trick of the trade is to plan ahead. Make checklists and refer to these lists often and update them as necessary. There are phone apps available that help with this process.

When it comes to invites, it is perfectly acceptable to use digital invites and text messages. Save some trees and use modern technology. Most people are connected anyway and using digital versions are generally well received. If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider bringing on a co-host. Even if the co-host is a spouse or friend, you will not feel alone and have another person to share the responsibilities with.

For events that involve children, go simple. Have food that is easy to prepare and easy to serve. Use labels for the food so everyone will know what is being served without having to answer multiple questions. Have some form of entertainment set up for the children. That could be crafts or an entertainer but have something there for them.

There is a lot that goes into planning any event. There are many ways to make the event go off smoothly on your own but if you want the help of event planners in NYC, check out Twenty Three Layers.