ClassDojo, a free app, has finished their second round funding raising by collecting close to 21 million dollars to help grow and expand the app, which does not charge teachers, students, and parents for its communication features. Teachers are able to communicate daily about progress and behavior.


This constant communication between teachers and parents has helped make parent teacher conferences easier and less surprising. Co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don say they will use this round of funding to hire more team members and figure out what features parents can use at home, not just at school. Class Dojo wants to give parents the empowerment to participate with their child’s education.


Some of the features teachers use is create a schedule, students can send photos or videos of their class moments, and other features. The co-founders align the growth of Class Dojo to more of a social media account. The co-founders surveyed teachers back in 2011 to see what they could use to help them in their daily activities.


The app is so popular that it is used in 2 out of 3 schools nationwide. Profit is not their major concern. This 25 employee startup has not made a profit yet. The founders anticipate making money but not off personal information. Privacy is a huge concern when it comes to student information. Class Dojo expects to have pay features that parents might pay for to use at home.


ClassDojo is a communication app that is free and available via a web site, apple, and android devices. It is easy to use; teachers just have to type in student names and a class code is generated. Students and parents are given a pre made template letter to help them sign up. Class Dojo communications whole class announcements and student specific announcements. The popular Student Story and Class Story allows students and teachers to share priceless moments within the classroom. This company has also joined the Growth Mindset movement by producing a series of videos and lessons. This communication platform has created a community like atmosphere within the classroom. There needs to be a ground up change in education, and Class Dojo helps.