Pros and Cons of Facebook Page Promotions and Contests

Facebook has made some key changes to the Facebook Promotion Guidelines in August 2013. With this, businesses can use Facebook Timeline to run contests, promotions, draws, and giveaways rather. Earlier, businesses had to use a 3rd party tools to run such promotions. This has advantages like:

  1. Seamless experience for users as they don’t have to leave the Facebook News Feed to participate in the contest. Promotion runs seamlessly in the News Feed itself
  2. User need not provide the email address to participate. While this increases the participation chances, it may not serve best the objective of a business to run such promotions
  3. Facebook Like becomes a valid form of voting
  4. Business can use Promoted or Sponsored Facebook posts  to extend the reach of contest

Running such contests through 3rd-party tools continue to have their own benefits like:

  1. Gather email addresses of contestants
  2. Increase the reach through promotions outside Facebook like email marketing
  3. Possibly enlarge Facebook fan base by Like-gating the contest

To help compare these two options, Antavo has created an infographic that compares the pros and cons of posting contest on Facebook walls against the 3rd-party tools. Below is the infographic:


Read more about this at

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