Dr. Rod Rohrich- an Outreaching Plastic Surgeon with Global Recognition

Since 1986, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has been the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is also a professor. Rohrich is one of the top plastic surgeons in the U.S. In early 2018, he will actively participate in three conferences.

At the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, Dr. Rohrich will preside over two panels: Lectures with Video Demonstration and Elegant Outcomes in Body Contour Surgery. After attending the Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, Rohrich will attend the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine Meeting and the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. The panel discussions at the Cosmetic Medicine Meeting will focus on innovate cosmetic medicine. Dr. Rohrich will make a presentation on fillers and neuromodulators. He will be the moderator of panels on breast/buttock augmentation and facial rejvenation. At the Rhinopasty Conference, he will be a lecturer and moderator for five panel discussions. Rod will also participate in a video about advanced nasal anatomy.

Dr. Rohrich has board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Rohrich has a patent for breast implants. Rod has been president of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is the editor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rohrich was a undergraduate and graduate student at NDSU and the University of North Dakota. Rohrich graduated from the medical school of Baylor University, where he was an honors student. He was a resident in general and plastic surgery at The University of Michigan Medical Center. After these residencies, Rod became a trainee in pediatric plastic surgeon at Oxford University. Rohrich was a fellow of hand and microvascular surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Rod has a background in philanthropy. Dr. Rohrich has been a board member for March of Dimes, Save the Children-Dallas, American Cancer Society-Dallas, and the Evergreen Gala Advisory Board. He is an original member of the the Dallas for Children Foundation. Dr. Rod founded a mobile clinic in East Dallas for providing vaccinations for poor children. Rohrich has performed plastic surgeries on children from poor nations, who have severe burns and congenital deformities. He has established his own foundation to help medical students in North Dakota.

Rohrich has appeared on Oprah, The View, and Good Morning America. He is married to Dr. Diane L. Gibby and he has two children.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Announces Major New Partnership

Tempus is one step closer to using big data to fight cancer in a way we’ve never seen before. The technology company, founded by Eric Lefkofsky, is building a global operating system that will battle cancer through the power of data collection. Tempus announced a massive, 10-year partnership with CancerLinQ that contains oncology treatment results for over 600,000 cancer patients.

One goal of Tempus is to create the world’s first and largest library of cancer data and patient results. This library would be globally accessible and would allow physicians to search past patient data to create treatment plans for their patients that are customized unlike anything we have ever seen. Additionally, Tempus would utilize big data and machine learning to help create these treatment plans.

With the momentum Tempus has and the most recent partnership with CancerLinQ, it is likely that in coming years cancer treatment will surely meet big data. One of the issues Tempus is seeking to overcome is the fact that while a lot of data is being collected from each cancer patient, there is no centralized operating system that provides simple access to that data. This massive global library would make the data available to physicians everywhere.

CancerLinQ was originally the brainchild of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The partnership is the next crucial step to data access that will build the data library Tempus envisions.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus just two years ago. It has gone from a small healthcare tech startup with a great deal of momentum to one of the brightest starts on the healthcare horizon. Tempus has raised $130 million dollars, including personal investments from Lefkofsky.

Lefkofsky is a leader in the field of innovative startups. He is well known for founding Groupon as well as Uptake Technologies, a forward-facing upscale analytics platform.

Lefkofsky and his wife are passionate about philanthropy. The couple founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation together. The foundation has a broad range of initiatives including ones that fall in the human rights, education and art. He is the author of Accelerated Disruption, a book that has been widely received globally.

About Eric: Facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Trading Expert Greg Secker


There are several well known philanthropists that like to make headlines across the world. One such individual is the United Kingdom native, Greg Secker. Mr. Secker was recently the subject of a well documented article that was published on May 15, 2017 on the Ideamensch website. The article is titled, “Greg Secker-Founder Of The Greg Secker Foundation.”

The article is a well written and very thorough piece about the professional life of Mr. Secker. It describes his various roles in the financial industry and the foreign exchange industry. The article also lists the various awards that Mr. Secker and his various companies have been nominated for and won.

Greg Secker’s amazing works in philanthropy and charitable works was also discussed in this publication. Mr. Secker started The Greg Secker Foundation to help individuals be able to enrich their lives through education, gaining essential life skills, and various leadership programs. He also stated a program that’s sole purpose is to rebuild a community in the Philippines that was obliterated by a typhoon. The program that is building this new sustainable community is Build A House, Build A Home, Restore A Community. These two charitable organizations are among Greg Secker’s most beloved life projects.

In addition to his various companies and charitable organizations, Mr. Secker is also a world renowned motivational speaker. He has spoken at numerous conferences and events in various countries. Mr. Secker is also the author of several books such as Financial Freedom Through Forex. In addition to writing his own books, he has also contributed to several other financial publications.

There is little doubt that Greg Secker is one of the more influential individuals of the 21st century. This self made multimillionaire is an entrepreneur, master trader, philanthropist, international motivational speaker, and a published author. His extremely successful companies include Learn To Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital, and SmartCharts Software.


Success in the Market America UnFranchise

Market America is a company dealing in brokering products and is also involved in internet marketing. Ever since 1992, the company has distributed Market America Products in most countries around the world. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company was founded by JR and Loren Ridinger. Market America relies on it’s the Market America UnFranchise to sell products such as jewelry, auto spares, beauty products, fitness, supplements and personal care products.

In order to ensure your success in the Market America Products, you need to have the right mindset. The right mentality and optimistic way of looking at situations will greatly assist you in becoming a successful UnFranchise Business Owner. As proposed by Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales for Market America, a positive attitude is guaranteed to translate to rapid growth for your business in Market America Products. He reveals that the right attitude propelled him to success since he was also an UnFranchise business owner from 1995.

Keeping up to date with Market America’s news and features gives the owner the required knowledge to run a Market America UnFranchise business successfully. Moreover, getting these updates should be from trusted sources such as JR’s blog rather than getting information from rumors and speculations. Market America has also listed some other trusted sources with high ratings, one of them being Better Business Bureau.

Market America UnFranchise has also ensured great income for its owners as the sense of community for all UnFranchise owners has played a role in driving passion for work. Market America values the Market America UnFranchise and hence working to help owners achieve their desired growth. Success in the business not only gives the UnFranchise owner a sense of pride, but should also drive them to aim higher and achieve more.

Jim also states that being open minded and a forward thinker are essential traits to succeed in the Market America UnFranchise. Surrounding yourself with other successful UnFranchise owners is also key as you can consult them whenever you need help on anything. Those tips are important to ensure success in Market America UnFranchise.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/market-america-inc-

Ted Bauman Highlights the Latest Technological Developments Headed Your Way

     A company in the self-checkout gear sector recently began implanting microchips into its employees’ hands. The company claims that the chips will enable greater efficiency when employees perform their daily tasks and buy food from the commissary. Some reviewers of the new technology have viewed the development favorably because it can increase efficiency in society. However, others are concerned that it can lead to the abuse of power at the highest levels of society. They fear that the disconnect between society’s elites and ordinary citizens can increase as new technologies like this are ushered in. The widespread use of implanted microchips can further wear away individual rights in the name of convenience.

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency that allows people to conduct transactions in total privacy. It faces ongoing performance challenges as its global use increases. The time required to complete a bitcoin transaction is much higher compared to using a traditional credit card. This is caused by the process that is necessary in order to make bitcoin transactions completely secure. A new branch of the technology called Bitcoin Cash was recently created in order to accelerate transactions by changing the underlying structure of the data. The creation of this new branch caused all current bitcoin owners to receive an equivalent number of Bitcoin Cash tokens for every bitcoin that they owned. Ultimately, this resulted in bitcoin owners receiving free money. Meanwhile, an initiative to increase the performance of the existing bitcoin technological infrastructure was discontinued last week. This development caused investors in traditional bitcoin technology to panic. Their fear drove a devaluation of bitcoins and an inflated valuation of Bitcoin Cash. It is uncertain whether or not Bitcoin Cash will be the final iteration that solves bitcoin’s performance issues. It is possible that a savvy investor can benefit from a bitcoin investment if a new derivative technology emerges that completely solves bitcoin’s performance issues.

Ted Bauman holds two post-graduate degrees from the University of Cape Town in both Economics and History. Ted led a 25-year career as a non-profit executive in the low-income housing market. He has since worked as a consultant for many high-end clients. He has dedicated his life to helping people succeed as independent individuals free from government control and corporate manipulation.

Geology and Finance: The World of Matt Badiali

     Becoming an expert in a field can be a long and arduous task. It can take years of hard work and dedication, a commitment that few are willing to display. Matt Badiali is one of those dedicated individuals committed to advancing his understanding of his field in new and exciting ways. Originally employed as a geologist after graduating with his Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, Badiali rose through the ranks to become a pivotal member of his industry. He has traveled the world growing his skills to create an intricate picture of how the natural resource industry works. This knowledge affords him the opportunity to meet with very influential members of several subsets of the natural resource industry to create strong ties and partnerships. A man dedicated to his craft, Badiali has proven himself to never turn away from the hard work associated with becoming a successful natural resource investor.

Currently, Badiali is employed as a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses this position to publish Real Wealth Strategist, an advisory service that provides readers with information on natural resource investing. As a veteran of the natural resource industry, Badiali can comfortably provide his readers with skilled guidance through the fluctuations associated with this line of investment to come out on top. He uses the information that he has gleaned from his extensive world travels to spot good investment opportunities. His position with Banyan Hill Publishing does not, however, stop Badiali from going out to obtain real-world experience. Badiali is known to frequent potential investment sites to understand the overall risks associated with investing in them. This is an invaluable service he provides to his readers because not only is he seeing the information for himself, but the readers have the benefit of having that information deciphered to them by a veteran and expert.

Through all his work, it is apparent that Badiali seeks to change the lives of investors and the natural resource industry for the better. Not only does he contribute to the well-being of his readers lives through accurate information, but he is constantly contributing to his field through research and lecturing. Badiali pushes himself to learn daily to ensure that the information he provides is relevant to the people that read it. Surely, this is just further proof of the love and commitment this expert geologist still has for the field he has worked in for so long.

The Success Entrepreneurship Story of Robert Santiago

Knowing Robert Santiago in Person

Robert Santiago was born on July 16, 1958, in Joao Pessoa. Mr. Santiago attended Pio X-Marist College before joining University center of Joao where he earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He began working at Café Santa Rosa a décor manufacturing company. He developed an interest in business thus he left the company to start Cartonnage Company, where he sold cartons made of cardboard that later grew to produce a number of decorative items.


Building an Empire

Mr. Robert Santiago used the profits earned from his company to invest in the real estate. This step turned out to be successful in building his portfolio as a businessman, it is through this idea of real estate investment when he came up with the Manaira shopping Mall idea and he began constructing it in 1987. Mr. Santiago aimed to create a haven that could comprise leisure, sales, and tour center just under one roof. The shopping Mall comprises of rooftop concert hall, gaming area, a theater, food court, shopping centers, financial institutions, gym and a College. The investment so far has seen the employment of over than one million employees in the country. According to the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers’ report, there is a dramatic increase in the shopping sector and Santiago’s mall is one of the leading achievers in the industry.


His influence in the Economy of Joao Pessoa

Though Santiago has well established himself in the field of entrepreneurship, his journey of success started as a blogger. He used to write about the success of his country, then he expanded to film production till he finally ended up into entrepreneurship. Besides his popular Manaira shopping Mall, he has other investments under his name, like Mangabeira shopping Mall that was developed in 2013. Santiago’s two investments have lifted both economic and social aspect of Joao Pessoa city, thus attracting many corporations to the city and giving the residents of the area countless options to earn a living.


As Robert Santiago is a fun loving individual, he has also invested heavily in a state of art entertainment hub. Those who are the fun of movies get the opportunity to enjoy their 3D movies. Tourists to Brazil can learn about the Brazilian culture in a unique way by visiting Domus Hall, live concerts and other exhibitions that are all under the Manaira shopping Mall.


During the economic crises of 2015, Robert Santiago’s investment was not affected as the other sector of the economy was experiencing crises. Due to that strength of the economy in the investments of Santiago’s investment, many investors have been attracted to them. Currently, Mr. Santiago is planning to continue reinventing and increasing growth sectors of leisure, sales, and tourist centers.


Netpicks: Teaching Traders How to Succeed

Choosing the right investments will help you supplement your income from the privacy of your home. For instance, many savvy investors are now starting to invest their money into Exchange Traded Funds. Exchange Traded Funds are similar to mutual funds, but they are traded differently. Unlike other popular investments, Exchange Traded Funds are managed in a passive manner. They are attractive to investors that are fond of investments that grow slowly over time.

Selecting the Right ETF for Your Portfolio

It’s vital for you to take careful measures when it comes to selecting the right ETF. Please keep in mind there are expenses and risks involved in investing in Exchanged Traded Funds. You must also remember this passive investment has the potential to grow over time. Exchanged Traded Funds will not make you thousands of dollars overnight. Fortunately, you can turn to Netpicks if you are serious about becoming an ETF investor.   Watch and learn from their tutorial videos on youtube.com.

Who is Netpicks?

Netpicks was founded back in 1996. With an exceptional reputation in the industry, Netpicks continues to provide quality trading education to people from all walks of life. Netpicks focuses on helping regular traders excel in the markets. Learn more about socially responsible trading on netpicks.com.

Netpicks is based in Irving, Texas. Headed by Mark Soberman, Netpicks brings an incredible amount of trading knowledge to the table. Students can look forward to getting over twenty five years of trading experience from this unique company. Unlike other trading educators, Netpicks has a solid reputation when it comes to helping their students succeed with their trading endeavors. Read important tips on this useful link.

Additional article to read here

Mark Soberman and his staff have created a system that is ideal for people with full-time jobs. Students can place their trades within a matter of minutes from the comfort of their home. Their trading activities will not interfere with their full-time jobs. Students can simply choose their objective and the system will go to work for them. It’s fair to say that students can become an exceptional trader if they take advantage of the video tutorials, trading systems, and customer support.  Keep updated with their latest timeline activities, hit this.

Organo Gold Brings You The Good Flavor and Good Health of Coffee

A Chinese philosopher named Lao Tzu said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. The journey to the fountain of youth could be ike a thousand-mile journey and the one step to get there The one step to that journey could start with a cup of coffee

The journal called the Annals Internal Medicine has reported about two studies that say that drinking a cup of coffee could make it less likely that a person get a number of diseases which includes heart stroke and disease.

One study talked to 185,000 Americans and asked them whether they drank caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. They then looked at their health. The result of the study was that no matter what kind of coffee that they drank, it lowered the chances that people will get cancer, heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. The results were the same, no matter what the ethnic background of the person was.

In Europe, a similar study was with about 500,000 people in 10 different countries. The result was that ople who drank many cups of coffee had much better health then people who did not drink coffee on a regular basis.

Organo Gold will help with his or her health as other coffees have been proven to improve his or her health. This coffer will also improve hie or her health as per of the company’s weight loss kit.

Another Organo Gold coffee is Organo Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee. This coffee is instant and organic. This coffee has a deep, rich and bold flavor that is like the coffee above, is enhanced by Ganoderma Spore Powder. Ganoderma Spores come from the Ganoderma plant and spores are the seeds that this plant produces, It takes 5 to 7 months until these seeds reach their full maturity. A person will get all the health benefits of coffee and have good taste.

Two studies have proven that coffee could be healthy for a person and Organo Gold will benefit a person as well.

NetPicks Wants Smarter Trading, Goal Objectives Reached

What is NetPicks doing?

When people came to the conclusion that what they wanted a wise investment, one that is socially responsible, NetPicks has made it possible. How? NetPicks has just recently made efforts to teach traders how to invest in a socially responsible way. That being said,  NetPicks is a trading company that has simplified the trading process down to an individual’s particular goal.

Founded in 1996, NetPicks was set forth to educating higher level traders. It was headquartered in Irving, Texas, and created by Innovator Mark Soberman. NetPicks services include ETFs, forex, Futures, oprtions and stocks, and also offers online trading tips for potential traders interested in their services. There are also videos on YouTube that traders can watch and learn more how NetPicks works.

It’s important that people engage in smarter trading. They don’t need to spend any longer. They need goals. And that is how NetPicks spins there service. All you do is select between which goals you want to go after and then the system does the rest. The three goals are these:

  • Full time career
  • Part time income
  • Done in minutes

There are a variety of development themes offered by NetPicks to the trader and also emphasis on sustainable traders. While advanced technology is always welcomed, NetPicks also would like to reduce the rate of environmental degradation.  Read and learn from this important link.

For updates on their recent timeline activities, hit this.

One of NetPicks top products are EFTs. These Exchange Traded Funds resemble mutual bonds. In most parts of the world EFTs have begun to spring up, with a socially responsible class. EFTs are not like stocks and are simply traded the same way mutual bonds are managed.

Watch and learn from  demo videos, check on netpicks.com.

So how would you choose the right EFT? There are four choices you should consider. The decision about choosing the right EFT can be based on many factors. One of the most important factors is which area of investment you will go into. More useful tips here

By living socially responsible, one should consider the quality of their life.

More reading on http://www.netpicks.com/options-trading/options-trading-systems/