The Story of the Man Behind Davos Financial Group

David Osio is a familiar name in the financial services industry. He also carries with his vast experience in the field. Born in Venezuela, Osio has studied a great deal in institutions both home and abroad. Education has been a key component to his success in the financial industry.

Osio is the current CEO of Davos Financial Group. Davos is a group of licensed companies operating independently. The aim of this group is ensuring they deliver financial advisory services and proper asset management. Davos Financial Group is the first company in Venezuela to offer complete financial consulting services. David is also the founder of the enterprise.

Before he created Davos Financial Group, Mr. Osio had worked at Banco Latino International in Miami. He started working there in 1989 and ascended to Vice President of Commercial Banking in less than two years. David’s rise was not a surprise considering the knowledge Osio has in banking and financial matters. At BLI, Osio brought many improvements as expected. He helped the bank to reach out to international markets, helping to counter the instability in the Venezuelan financial sector at that period.

As he was working, David Osio was still attaining more credentials in his studies. He earned a degree in Law from the Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. The University is one of the high-rated universities in Venezuela. Osio also holds papers from Chase Manhattan Bank where he attended a commercial lending seminar in 1990. Osio underwent management training from Swiss Bank Corporation in 1996, the same year he studied United States Capital Markets in the Financial Institute New York. In 1999, David Osio studied Advance Management Program at IESA, while also Learning Equity Portfolio Management in the Finance Institute New York.

David Osio created Davos Financial Group in 1993 when he decided that it was the time he brought his ideas entirely. Under Osio, the company has spread its wings from Venezuela and into other countries. The group now has offices in New York, Lisbon, Panama, Miami, and Geneva. His roles as the CEO at the company include; taking charge of Operational matters, helping to develop information for the financial services, and also making sure that management practices happen as efficiently as possible.

David Osio enjoys collecting art as a hobby. Another thing that he enjoys doing is traveling to other countries. Osio also likes planning well for either personal or corporate financial investment.

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The Best Way to Build and Maintain Reputation

Reputation plays a big part in the success of a company. This is why there is a huge demand for reputation management firms. One unfortunate fact is that there are plenty of factors that could destroy one’s reputation and as a result, one’s business and career. This is why reputation management companies are a good thing to have. Clients know where to go when they are faced with bad reports about their company or themselves as a person. The specialists of reputation management firms have a lot of experience and skills in public relations and search engine optimization.

One company that handles online reputation is This company not only fixes the search results of their clients, but also helps clients come up with a plan to improve their reputation. For one thing, it is important to know how to build and maintain reputation. The best way to build and maintain a good reputation is being honest. It is often said that honesty is the best policy in business. Therefore, when one is honest about what he provides and how he deals with his customers and clients, he is more likely to gain and keep the trust of the public. Http:// is definitely helpful to anyone that is willing to maintain the image of trustworthiness.

It is also important to maintain honesty and be assertive in his business so that people can see that he has integrity. He must also be versatile and willing to learn from sources so that he can continue to provide services to his client. It is also important for the business owner to exercise wisdom and find partners that will work with him in maintaining a positive image. This is where an online reputation company comes in. This will help the business owner keep an image that is flattering and consistent with who he is.

Lime Crime Hits Two Million On Instagram

Lime Crime is a cult makeup brand known for their fun and interesting shades and colors, and the company has some celebrating to do. They just exceeded two million followers on their Instagram account.

Founder and CEO Doe Deere is a pioneer for ecommerce cosmetics and has built her brand on the internet, so it’s not surprise that Instagram is one of her keys to success. Along with sharing for her followers, she also runs a blog for her fans, regularly updates her website with new lines that include interesting fantasy stories to accompany their color combinations, and a busy Twitter account. The thing that sets Deere and her company apart is the way she uses her social media sites to create fans, not just sell her product line.

That business model is what keeps their Instagram account fresh and exciting, and what drew in so many followers. Rather than just simply post pictures of products and try to push them on customers, she chooses to have her fans post their looks created with Lime Crime and include the hashtag #limecrime. This not only gives her fans a chance to enjoy the spotlight and show their creativity, but also keeps her business trending.

Deere herself is always amazed to see the creativity and imagination her fans, or unicorns as she calls them, have when it comes to using her product line and loves to see people showing their inner being through makeup. While she’s been told she inspires people with her ideas of breaking beauty rules, Deere is often inspired by her fans.

Deere has also noted that she feels Instagram gives customers a better idea of what the products will look like on people. By seeing other customers using the products and mixing colors, they get a feel for the products and the looks they can create. She’s quick to share her social media, and essentially share her fans that have made her company what it is today. All their creativity and amazing looks can be seen on the company’s Instagram @limecrimemakeup.

Thor Havlorssen Lives the Fight for Human Rights

Almost a birth right, and without question hailing from a long line of family in one way or another that was involved in change, revolution or the freedom fight, it shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that Thor Havlorssen has ended up here. Here being the president of HRF (Human Rights Foundation). From all accounts it is more than a passion if that’s possible, it may actually define who he is and what drives him, justice and freedom.

HRF took flight in 2005, and although it remains a small organization, it it a ferocious and obviously effective one. The size of the organization apparently hasn’t had any negative impact in affecting change or being able to be where needed anywhere in the world where the cry for freedom is heard. History states that the NRF is set on taking down the biggest players of tyranny. This might be best evidenced by NRF’s annual Oslo Freedom Forum which has really help put this organization on the map.

The ground swell and support that stands behind NRF may be considerable also, and there are some noteworthy backers in this group. PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel is just one name among others that help enable NRF to accomplish the mission by way of financial support. Yet the NRF as a whole is much more than getting funds to back a message or cause.

Thor Havlorssen himself is an example of being more than just a banner waver or message carrier, as he has suffered physically too in efforts right wrongs, even suffering a beating in 2010. Amazingly the attitude of this freedom fighter hasn’t waned even slightly, nor has he become embittered or adopted the world is an evil bad place with ugly people. Quite the opposite is true in fact, as he openly declares his “love” for people in a recent article from The Atlantic.

Maybe the world’s tyrants will have to their own bully to deal with now, led by a man who lives the mission and an organization determined to be the ones who do the pushing around. Watch out world, Thor has an axe to grind and he’s been swinging it hard and fast lately.

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Martin Lustgarten, Investment Banks Are Critically Important In Modern Businesses Platforms

Investment banking is one of the most crucial sectors of the banking industry. It is through investment banks that entities such companies, individuals, corporations, and government raise capital to advance their businesses. Besides, investment banks render crucial services in selling securities, facilitating reorganizations, underwriting debt and equity securities, and guidance on stock issuance and placement.

Businesses operate in very dynamic platforms, and financial transactions can be very complicated, this makes the investment banking imperative division of banking industry. Investment bankers are featured as experts in investment banking sector. They offer guidance, carry out, and manage business transactions while assessing probable risks that can emanate during the transactions process. Their services come a long way in relieving clients’ headache regarding managing complex projects and protecting clients’ money from unviable projects.

Trust and expertise experience are fundamental factors that anyone should consider when choosing an investment banker or investment bank. Ability to attend client objectives and provide right information is the hallmark that distinguishes a viable investment banker. One of the investments banker with set record of high expertise, extensive experience, and trustworthy is Martin Lustgarten.

Over the years, Lustgarten has emerged as a very successful investment banker; his ability to put his clients’ objectives ahead of chasing profit has translated to a huge client’s base from local and international platforms.

Lustgarten is the founder and the president of a leading global investment bank based in Florida. His has steered the investment firm to new heights, such that it is positioned as the destination of most sought investment-banking services in the United States. Through his firm Lustgarten has helped many clients raise capital worth billions of dollars. With the establishment of partnerships in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Panama, the firm has expanded its services to global market.

Through his Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts, he connects with his clients give insights on different aspect of investment banking and shed some right on investments tips. Apart from very successful career, Lustgarten is often described as the lover of vintages. Often he has expressed his interest in selling vintage watches that he personally collects. He is also a family man and lives in Miami with his family.

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The Triumph of Antony Marsala, Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operation Officer

Madison Street Capital recently revealed with content that its Chief Operating Officer, who is also its co-founder, Antony Marsala, had won the seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award that is hosted by the M&A Advisor. The winner of the award was chosen by an impartial panel of judges that comprised of renowned business principals, and the choosing was based on the individual’s accomplishments and expertise in the industry. Mr. Marsala acknowledged his Madison Street Capital team for their brilliant support and the stakeholders of the investment banking sector in a short speech that he gave after being awarded.

The Annual Emerging Leaders Award was first held in 2010 and since then it has recognized the preeminent 40 under 40 professionals in the financing and turnabouts industry, who have been successful in their diligence and have made noteworthy changes to the society. The individuals who were honored in the 2016 US award will have an opportunity to join a global network of young leaders. The program for emerging leaders has currently covered the United Kingdom and other parts in Europe. The M&A Advisor plans to hold a black-tie awards ball on 10th June 2016 at the New York Club, which is based in Manhattan. The story about the Emerging Leaders Awards can be found on

Antony Marsala has had a successful career in the investment banking sector, where he has worked for fifteen years. His experience is unmatchable, and he has focused on the M&A advisory’s Buy-side and Sell-side. Mr. Marsala is a Certified Valuation Analyst, and he has certification from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). He was named by the NACVA as an honoree at the 40 under 40 accreditation program in 2015 and is also designated to participate in the Crain’s Leadership Academy Program of 2016.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking leader that operates worldwide. The firm is committed to integrity, leadership, excellence in delivering corporate finance advice. The employees of the company have a remarkable experience, understanding and are well connected thus making it be one of the leading middle market investment banking institutions in the world. The services offered by Madison Street Capital include M&A advisory, corporation advisory, hedge fund management, administration of financial assets, and business valuation.

Madison Street Capital’s head offices are in Chicago, Illinois, and it has some branches based in North America, Asia, and Africa. The firm has been in the industry for many years and therefore, has sufficient experience in handling customers. They offer excellent customer service and have built robust and long-lasting relationships with its clients and various stakeholder the investment banking sector. Madison Street Capital has earned its customer’s trust due to its commitment to offering highly professional services.

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Simple Investment Options With Solo Capital

You have set your financial goals and eliminated most of the debt from your life. Now it is time to make some smart moves – by investing in places that will give you big turn around. Solo Capital is an investment banking firm that has many financial products and services and advising on investment options is one of them. It’s founder Sanjay Shah is a well-known businessman and philanthropist in the world.

To many people who are new to investment, the thought of investing itself is scary. They can recall their friends and neighbors shying away from any type of investment or failing to make money in the stock market. But if you are playing your cards right, with sound advice and knowledge, investing can really work to your advantage. Solo Capital can give you basic rules to make sure a market swing doesn’t drive you crazy. That’s the aim of this firm – to improve its clients’ financial situation. And once you understand these basics, investing can be a breeze.

After you have accumulated enough emergency fund to sustain for the next six months, if you are willing to invest that money, there are many ways to do it safely. One such way is having cash. Cash unlike in your wallet that you carry around is short-term investments that have short maturity date, like three or six months. This type of investment has the lowest risk because there is not much time to lose any money. These investments may include things like money market mutual funds and bank certificates of deposit. Treasury bills backed by Government has very little risk compared to other form of cash investments. Unfortunately, overtime, cash investment has earned relatively low rate which is around 3 or 4 percent annually. At that rate, reaching the goals that you have set forth for the future will be slow. Also, cash investments may not keep up with the inflation or escalating prices for day-to-day needs which may be disappointing in the long run as well.

Bonds are another form of investments which is very similar to loans, except that these are lent by the Government rather than banks and credit unions. At maturity of bonds, you will get back not only your principal but a reasonable interest rate as well. Other investment types such as stocks and mutual funds can bring big return if you are a smart investor. Though they are riskiest, they have performed best in the past and may perform well in the future depending on the company, trend and other factors. Solo Capital has professionals who will guide you through various investment options and select the best one for your needs and budget.


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Doe Deere’s Rise to Success


Since 2008, Doe Deere has been an unstoppable force of nature in the cosmetics industry. She has built a makeup empire that is thriving today because of her unique products and the bold colors that are available from her brand Lime Crime. While there are plenty of brands out there that focus on natural looks and concealing imperfections, Doe strives to promote that being yourself is the most important part of any makeup look.

Doe’s company was the first to use the “on-lip” lipstick swatch after being told that selling lipsticks to women online was impossible. It is this kind of ingenuity and progress that has made her a household name as well as a mentor to many aspiring female entrepreneurs. While the bold makeup may not be for everyone, you can certainly admire her creativity and motivation to create an empire all on her own. There is nothing more compelling than an everyday person making a name for themselves, and Doe certainly fits that bill.

Promoting her line of cosmetics as cruelty-free has also helped Doe market her products to a very wide audience. Not only can women have bright, bold lips, they do not have to worry about that new neon orange lipstick being tested on animals or anything of the sort. This is especially exciting because many popular brands such as Maybelline and Cover Girl do this often, making it difficult for vegans to find makeup that suits their specific needs. Although this is not a concern for everyone, it is nice to know that Lime Crime does not contribute to the unethical treatment of animals.

While Lime Crime may not be your mother’s makeup brand, it does cater to the hip and the young, as well as those willing to break the rules. As Doe might say, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. It is lovely to see a young woman promoting uniqueness to her fans, and it is certainly apparent from all of her social media ventures that she has many. We hope to see more of this young lady in years to come, and can’t wait to try out some of her new lipsticks!

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Talk Fusion Keeps Getting Better

Talk Fusion has made its unbelievably efficient video marketing system even better by adding the WebRTC Recorder which is a faster way for Talk Fusion users to reach out to their customers. WebRTC is real-time, browser-based communication technology that makes for seamless synchronization and faster playback. Extraordinary.
Since 2007 Talk Fusion has been the state-of-the-art, cutting-edge option for individuals, businesses, and charities to communicate world-wide and with WebRTC, Talk Fusion keeps getting better. The clarity of communication from one device to another is unmatched in today’s real-time communications market.
Current Talk Fusion customers who use Firefox or Chrome have access to the power of the WebRTC Recorder now. To take advantage of this innovation, all they need to do is choose Video Email or Video Newsletter from the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard and click the webcam option.
As if this were not mind blowing enough, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day free trial for any individual, business, or charity. No credit card required. No hidden fees. Just the opportunity to experience all of the awe inspiring technology Talk Fusion has to offer.
Talk Fusion customers have always known that they were using the best communications tool available, and now Talk Fusion can add an industry acknowledgment of excellence to its list of achievements. Talk Fusion Video Chat earned the “WebRTC Product of the Year 2016” award from Technology Marketing Corporation. Outstanding.
Talk Fusion customers who have not tried the WebRTC technology are in for a real technology treat. The innovations Talk Fusion has made over the past decade are second to none. WebRTC is just one more way that Talk Fusion keeps getting better and let’s face it, we expect nothing less.

Dr. Jennifer Walden – An Excellent Cosmetic Surgeon

People require cosmetic surgery for many different reasons. They may wish to change the way they look to feel younger and more confident. Others may need to get the surgery because of some sort of defect in the skin on the face or body, which can be caused by an injury or other related event. When they are looking for the best doctors in Texas to perform their work, they will find that Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best.

Her Education Is Impressive

Dr. Jennifer Walden received a Bachelor Degree in Biology. She then went on to receive her Medical Doctorate. She completed both with High Honors. Her input into the educational system was also excellent as she garnered her knowledge and experience.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Background
After accumulating her impressive education, she was the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director for the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital from March 2008 – November 2011

Where Does Dr. Jennifer Walden Practice

After leaving her practice in Manhattan, Dr. Walden moved to the Austin area where she is from. Her office is at 5656 Bee Caves Road, Suite E201 at Westlake Medical Center in Austin, Texas, where she has a team of aestheticians. She also completes laser work. Making an appointment to have a consult with Dr. Jennifer Walden is what many Texans do when they need to have cosmetic surgery completed. She is excellent when talking to potential patients so they understand the process and the procedure for the work that needs completed.

Many people find that using cosmetic surgery has enhanced their lives in many ways. They love the way they look, and they are grateful that they were able to change their physical appearance in a positive way. When they use Dr. Jennifer Walden, they know they are getting one of the best in the industry for their needs. Visit her website for more news and information.