The Twitter Torchbearer: Brenda Wardle Lays Down the Law

A legal analyst and author, Brenda Wardle is not the type of career woman you’d expect to be “Twitter famous.” However, her tweets combating racism have garnered a lot of attention. For some, she needs no introduction, but for those who do: Wardle lives in Gauteng, South Africa, and has used her law acumen to write about such high-profile cases as the Oscar Pistorius case. She even founded her own college, the Wardle College of Law.

However, as an African woman, Wardle has had to fight to be where she is today. From baseless fraud allegations to vitriolic racists on Twitter, she’s dealt with a lot of strife just by existing as a black woman on the Internet, asserting her own agency and voice. Recently, she has been heard among the chorus speaking out about the “Woke Twitter” controversy. Woke Twitter is a page (with “woke” meaning vigilant and socially “awake”) that seeks out hateful and violent racist comments, and works to make sure that there are consequences for this lack of humanity and empathy. Until now, Woke Twitter has limited itself to posting screenshots of this racist behavior, in hopes that employers and others will be able to see it.

There is collateral damage, however. The daughter of one of the culprits received threatening phone calls from Woke Twitter followers, even though she had nothing to do with her mother’s atrocious actions. Not only has this raised questions about whether or not posting screenshots is okay, if it can lead to “doxxing” (using the net to find someone’s personal information in order to harass them), but it also raises the question, should these racists be “allowed” to express their views consequence-free? Is hate speech, no matter how putrid and no matter how it may threaten or incite violence, protected by the First Amendment?

Brenda Wardle says no. While she did not say whether or not she supports Woke Twitter or what it has led to, Wardle says that statutes of our Constitution limit the First Amendment, and when it comes to situations that verbally endanger a minority group, or challenge the basic human dignity to which we are all entitled, the First Amendment is no defense.

And Wardle knows about defense: she passed her Bachelor of Laws Degree in only two years, and got a distinction in Advanced Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights while obtaining her Masters. If there’s anything these Twitter racists know now, it’s not to use such ignorant, incendiary language when one of the world’s smartest lawyers is a South African woman who knows how to beat you at your own social media game.

Stocks Rise to High Points for January

The week of January 22nd closed above expectations, topping the highest close of the month back on the 8th. Many investors turn to oil as the commodity to thank for the boost, and equity investors think this may be the moment to turn their focus back on that market.

1810 was the magic number the Dow Jones was able to reach before closing that Friday. The rise took Apple stocks with it, taking them higher by 5.3%. This was helped along by rumors that the tech giant has a new line of products prepared for unveiling later on this year. Not sharing in the increase is American Express, which dropped continually throughout the week. It seems the credit card company is cognizant of their troubles as they announced strategic restructuring throughout the coming year to minimize the loss of $1 billion in assets.

Averages manged to hold strong throughout the US, climbing up half a percent for most. Nasdaq, impressively enough, managed to reach 2.3% by that Friday.

Short covering was likely the unsung hero that did the most to save the week, or so says Joe Sowin, Highland Capital Management’s head of global equity. Stocks had reached their lowest point on that Wednesday. However, energy and materials had gained interest from investors all throughout the week, helping this recovery along the way.

Highland Capital Management, based out of Dallas, Texas, operating within the highly competitive markets of New York and Singapore, was started, in part, by President James “Jim” Dondero. Highland Capital is an alternative investment firm that manages structured investments and hedge funds, invests in high yield bonds, global public equity, and divides their attention across markets.

For more than three decades Jim Dondero has been part of the banking world, taking control of investment strategies and operations at this firm. As a knowledgeable investor, Jim has picked up a great deal of experience in credit markets, making his mark when he pioneered the Collateralized Loan Obligation. He worked for Protective Life’s GIC as an investment loan officer, helping the business grow up to $2 billion in the course of five short years.

With the early days of his career behind him, Jim has gained prominence as an authority on investment, and his management has been held in high regard for their successes and commendations, including Morningstar’s #1 ranking as well as a 5-star rating for Global Allocation with his firm.

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The Success of Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a recently formed independent company that was formed in 2013 as a result of the combination of Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. The company is a result of the current owner of the company which is the Marlin Equity Partners. The products that make Coriant a success network operating company are the hardware as well as the software that create optical transmission that is used in the Backbone network of data, voice, as well as mobile networks.

Coriant is a company that offers both local as well as global expertise to companies all over the world. Coriant provides clients with outcome-based solutions that are created for the new networked world. Network operators that are deployed through Coriant are able to plan, deploy, maintain, optimize, as well as transition anything that will meet the intended business goal. These networks can be resilient, flexible, as well as scalable.

Coriant, through the help of CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir has developed networking solutions that are primarily for fast changing and cloud-based operations. Shaygan Kheradpir has further developed the network operators that will reduce the complexity as well as improve the utilization of a network that is multi-layered.

The CEO of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir who holds extensive knowledge in electrical engineering. Kheradpir has extensive experience in executive positions including his positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, as well as Juniper Networks. While in executive positions, Kheradpir has been able to contribute to various product developments and has created several cost-cutting initiatives that have bettered the companies.

Kheradpir’s position at Coriant is a result of his brief position at Marlin Equity Partners. His knowledge of successfully testing new technological pro-types is what earned him the position at Coriant as the CEO. His management experience as well as his technology experience has made him the perfect fit at a company where he creates network operating solutions for a living. With Kheradpir’s assistance and his guidance, Coriant has delivered hundreds of thousands of network operations all over the world to clients who appreciate the new cloud-enabled and fast paced technology for the future.

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Helane Morrison: Blowing Winds of Change in Corporate Compliance

The corporate compliance industry is currently experiencing phenomenal growth and recognition by both multinationals and aspiring career people. The influx of youths into the profession contradicts the situation experienced twenty years ago when the practice began.

Still in its affirmative years, the field has had an anchor laid heavily on the practice of it pioneers and flag bearers. The very first professionals to carry out the roles specified under compliance. Indeed, we take note of the fact that in the past there lacked a fully-fledged academic training course on compliance. Most of the practitioners branched out of accounting, risk assessment, and legal practice.

Today, aspiring compliance professionals enroll in relevant training programs and receive proper training. In fact, in America, one has to gain accreditation from the Society of Compliance and Ethics before joining the practice. According to the Executive Officer of the society, the growth of the profession mirrors increasing demand for self-regulation and conformity to government policies.

The evolving business world experiences robust regulatory measures put by professional bodies, local and central government as well as societies. For instance, industries such as Insurance, Banking and Casino gaming have grown exponentially. As they expand, the need to cap codes of practice with regulation and policies arise.

Organizations also acknowledge the need to have a department that investigates, analyzes and educates employees on ethical practice, policies, and laws to abide. Therefore, the role of a compliance officer in an organization includes preventing employees and the company as a whole from engaging in practice deemed illegal or that may lead to punishment.

From the information discussed, we form quite a clear perspective of how compliance officers operate. One of the most decorated practitioners in this field is Helane Morrison. She currently oversees compliance matters at Hall Capital, an asset management firm in San Francisco. She also serves in the capacity of a director and firm lawyer. Apparently it seems like her in-tray is always full of these duties.

However, Helane proved she can handle a challenge in her younger years. She happens to be an active and dedicated career woman. Ms. Morrison is probably one of the few women known to combine legal studies and practice with journalism. She conquered legal practice when she made partner in 1991. Helane brought change to the Securities and Exchange Commission in her role as Director. Today, she forms an integral part of the compliance practice movement.

Urbana’s Video Reel On Display at Vimeo

Colorado native Jon Urbana has been well known to his local community for many years, largely for the role he has played as a lacrosse player and coach at NLLC, and for his strong business sense. In recent years the Ellipse Technologies USA cofounder has been revealing the other sides of his personality, including his love of the outdoors and different cuisines from around the world displayed on his Facebook profile..

Jon Urbana has always had a love of the outdoors and traveling, two activities he has included in his latest videos (seen on Twitter) form the mountains of Alaska. The mountains are captured in all their beauty from the ground and the air as the Villanova photographer reveals the movement of the clouds around the mountains.
The airborne work of Jon Urbana shows the skills he has developed as a pilot that have resulted in him being named to the FAA Airmen Database. Jon Urbana first came to the fore as a lacrosse standout at Villanova before going on to give back to the community through his annual Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The love of an active lifestyle is clear to see in the GoFundMe movement spearheaded by Jon Urbana, particularly in the cross country skiing images posted during a winter sports trip. Once again Urbana has placed himself in a beautiful landscape as he shows his skills as a winter sports expert away from the manicured slopes.

As a former lacrosse player, Jon Urbana also looks to show off his love for sports and the arenas they are played within. A series of images showing the beauty of the stadiums Urbana has visited are available with stunning skylines behind them.

There is more to the life of Jon Urbana and his music than simply showing off the exciting life he lives. Instead, Urbana also looks to use his videos to publicize the various charitable efforts he supports through CrowdRise and Go Fund Me pages that show the various causes the executive supports in his fund raising efforts.

George Soros Targeted in Book Burning


The Book-Burning Incident

According to CNBC, the George Soros Open Society charities were targeted by the Vorkuta Mining and Economic College in a book burning in northern Russia. A total of 53 books linked to these charities were found at the college, taken away, and burned, according to a local Russian news site. In addition, college libraries across the northern republic of Komi were searched for manuals and textbooks that relate to a project run by the charities. There were a total of 427 books seized to be shredded from these college libraries. Well-known for Soros Fund Management, George Soros started the charities in an effort to build democracy across the globe.

Tension and The Banning of George Soros’ Charities

Trouble began between George Soros and the Russian State in July 2015 when the Russian government associated the Open Society charities with other organizations that commit soft aggression in the country. The government also hinted around about a potential ban of the charities at that point.

In November 2015, the Russian government did ban the charities, as reported in a CNBC article. The government claimed the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute were a threat to the nation’s security, and Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office put the charities on a list of foreign non-governmental organizations that the Russian State claims engage in undesirable activities. A translated press statement reads that the charities threaten the foundations of Russia’s constitutional system.

About The Open Society Charities

George Soros founded the Open Society charities after his remarkable success in the stock market, reports the Open Society website. The charities consist of a network of foundations, partners, and projects located in over 100 different countries. Central to the operation of these charities are the core values of individual rights and government accountability. The charities have been responsible for funding the education of thousands of promising students, including refugees of conflicts and young people from marginalized groups. To promote critical thinking, George Soros created Central European University after the Berlin Wall fell. The charities also provide support to paralegals and lawyers who represent individuals who are held unlawfully and without legal representation.

Chief Compliance Officer Paving the Way for Female Corporate Leaders

The field of compliance officers in business is growing. According to the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics ,their job is to design a compliance program for prevention, detection, and fixing regulatory problems in companies. They use a variety of tool like audits, education, risk assessments, and investigation to reach their goals. 

This profession has been growing over the last few years and each company often looks at the position differently. It is a career growth area in banking, insurance, and gaming. The compliance officers job is to help a company meet industry standards and follow the rules. Many people that do these jobs come from accounting and legal departments. 

Many universities offer careers and degrees for those that want to become compliance officers. It is a career that is growing in the United States and internationally.

Helene L. Morrison is Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, LLC. She is known for her work at the SEC. She was a regional director for about seven years. At that time she regulated and enforced laws that made the corporations run smoothly and conform to laws and regulations which served her well before she left to bring the same quality to Hall Capital. 

It was not and easy job but, she excelled at the job. Her experience as a litigation lawyer gave her a good background for the job. She gained years of legal experience working at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabin a law firm located in San Francisco. See Helane’s full resume on her LinkedIn profile and connect with her as she continues her career.

She has shown that a woman can run a large corporation as General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners, LLC. She oversees over $24 million in customer assets that she helped to grown. She is not afraid to tackle the issue of corporations hiring women that hit the glass ceiling due to discrimination. She believes in showing that everyone is capable of being a leader by her own example. To get the latest news about Helane Morrison, check out her Crunchbase and keep up with her fight for compliance, justice and gender equality in the workplace.

Brenda Wardle and Issues of the Pistorius Case

The trial of Oscar Pistorius was a sensation in South Africa. Pistorius is an athlete who lost both legs in infancy, but who competed in the Paralympic Games and the Olympics. He became a Paralympic champion, and in 2012 won a gold medal in the Olympic 400-meter race.

In February of 2013, Pistorius shot his girl friend, model Reeva Steenkamp, at his home. Pistorius admitted shooting Steenkamp, but said he mistook her for an intruder. His trial began in May of 2014. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said that Pistorius deliberately shot Steenkamp through the bathroom door after she locked herself in the bathroom. Pistorius’s defense was that he thought she was in bed at the time, and that there was an intruder in the bathroom.

In South African law, self-defense is justifiable killing. Neighbors testified that Pistorius was crying and saying he shot her accidentally after the shooting. One said he saw a figure running away. But witnesses also heard arguing, and phone messages indicated Steenkamp was afraid of Pistorius because he was jealous and possessive. Pistorius was sent for a mental evaluation and was found to have ptsd, but be capable of knowing right from wrong. In September 2014, Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide, or unlawful negligent killing.

Legal analyst Brenda Wardle covered the trial. She was well qualified, having a master of law degree and training in medical law, forensic medicine, and media law. She also has a bachelor of law degree cum laude. Wardle has published several articles on important cases in South Africa, including the issue of presidential pardons. She’s also been interviewed on various current issues, such as the rights of workers, the state of the courts, and of course the Pistorius trial.

In a YouTube video, Wardle made several observations about the trial. She pointed out that the case was circumstantial, and no one really knows what happened. Therefore, it was the judge’s job to listen carefully and evaluate the evidence and the credibility of the witnesses. She cited a precedent that conclusions must be based on all the facts presented, not just some. She also cited a precedent used in similar cases, which is that a person may not intend harm, but may cause it through negligence.

In October of 2014, Judge Masipa sentenced Pistorius to five years for culpable homicide, which may be served at home after 10 months of imprisonment.

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Understanding OrganoGold

OrganoGold refers to a Network Marketing global company that has a mission of spreading the knowledge of the benefits of Ganoderma to all corners of the world. The vision of this company is to assist people improve their daily lives by ensuring that they reach new high levels in prosperity, well being and balance through its products and opportunities. Over the last five years, the company’s vision has materialized and assisted millions of people worldwide.

All this started back in 2008 in a small coffee shop that had three employees in Richmond B.C. Canada. In about two years, OrganoGold managed to be among the Network Marketing companies that were the fastest growing in the whole world. Due to the Independent employees and distributors’ hard work, OrganoGold has managed to be in operation in well over 35 countries. The company has built its foundation strongly borrowing heavily on several principles e.g. Unity, Edification and Loyalty as well as the overall goal of aspiring to be among the companies that are admired the most in the whole world. The company strives at offering product lines that are incredible, income opportunities that are unmatched and a leadership team that is dedicated.

About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua hails from Philippines, as his website bio shows, and he has amassed quite a number of years in the field of multilevel marketing. He previously worked for Gano Excel in an executive position in his native country, the Philippines. In around three years, he had helped expand this company to Canada, Hong Kong and eventually to the market of the United States. He then moved to the United States, California to be precise, where he assumed the position of President, Gano Excel U.S.A. Gano Excel was chiefly involved in the marketing of products that had ganoderma within them. They included instant coffee, capsules as well other types of food products.

Gano Excel however, had all its top executive positions held by people from the Asian origin and worse they had no well defined tasks to take care of in the company. LinkedIn shows that this led to Bernardo Chua leaving this company and in 2008, together with some Americans (Shane Morand and others) founded the present OrganoGold. This new company was involved in the business of selling coffee as well as other items that contained Ganordema which is considered to be healthful. Organo Gold emphasized on products that were organic and ones that could satisfy the American tastes, a compensation plan that was better, a strong and dynamic training system and it is more internet savvy.  This led to massive success, and eventually making it to the point that they would be able to expand into new countries, like Turkey most recently.

Handy and Homejoy, a Winner and Loser in 2015

Last month saw the final and messy ending to the company Homejoy Inc. The house cleaning and home repairs start-up company announced five months ago that they would be shutting down and in December they officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the beginning, the company looked like a good idea. The owners, siblings Aaron and Adora, were able to raise $38 million in venture funding in 2013 that included big name investors like Google Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, and First Round Capital. Until July, the company was offering house cleaning services in five countries for $25 per hour and was expanding into home repairs as well as carpet cleaning. They first announced in a July blog post that they would be shutting down due to unresolved challenges in the home services space, and while that was partially true there might have been more to the story. One of the founders blamed a series of worker classification lawsuits to the companies list of woes.

Despite the financial and legal struggles of Homejoy In., their competitor Handy Technologies Inc. is boasting a great year. This start-up company provides house cleaning, furniture assembly, and repair services and was able to raise $50 million in funding from investors recently making their total investment revenue $110 million since they began.
Handy Technologies allows customers to book services online and guarantees a professional cleaner or handyman will be provided to do the job. The company operates out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and markets their services in the Massachusetts and New York area. They work with a trusted list of contracted individuals and offer them around $15 to $22 per hour to complete tasks. The business model works well because it gives customers easy access to people who can perform services they need on their schedule while allowing workers to pick their wage and work schedules. The company allows customers to feel comfortable with the professionals they hire because Handy mandates background checks on all employees on both the national and county level. Currently, 85% of Handy’s revenue comes from home cleaning services but they expect that to change in the future as they add more locations and more services to their business.
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