The SEC’s Exclusive Prize to a Client of the Lebaton Sucharow Law Company.

Labaton Sucharow law firm is a front-runner in the provision of whistleblower representation services. The company created a division that only practices whistleblower law in 2010 after the Securities and Exchange Commission formed legislation that protects its informants. The firm recently informed the public on its recent achievement, which is assisting one of its clients to be awarded $17 million by the SEC for the information that he offered, about a rogue company in the financial sector. This prize was the second highest that the commission has ever paid to a source since the enactment of the protection program approximately five years ago. The SEC whistleblower plan demands that the reward that the whistleblower is offered should be at least 10 to 30 percent of the amount that is collected by the organization as penalties.

The Labaton Sucharow clients provided substantial intelligence to the SEC that assisted it in unearthing various unacceptable undertakings of a renowned company in the financial sector. The identity of the SEC informant was not revealed due to security purposes and to avoid being shut out by employers. The whistleblower was represented by a lawyer from the Lebaton Sucharow law company to maintain anonymity. The SEC also protected the identity of the whistleblower by not giving a lot of details on the case since it may assist other parties in disclosing the identity of the informant. Jordan A. Thomas who oversees the whistleblower representation program of the company believes that the took the right step by offering intelligence to the commission. Mr. Thomas is an attorney at source the company and before joining it, he worked for the SEC as a deputy director. He was also a major contributor to the creation of the whistleblower protection program.

The SEC is striving to embolden the public to report companies that do not abide by the federal securities laws. The Commission does this by assuring them a handsome reward that includes a monetary incentive and job protection. The Congress has also formed the Investor Protection Fund, which currently has $400 million that is to be used for awarding the whistleblowers.

Labaton Sucharow law  company offers legal services to businesses, capitalists, and consumers who are involved in complex cases that deal with securities. The company was established 50 years ago, and it was the first to set up the whistleblower representation practice in 2010. It offers the best plaintiff lawyers, and it has gained recognition from the Benchmark Litigation, The Legal 500, and the Chambers and Partners.

Fabletics Has The Best Plan For New Stores

Fabletics has a plan to be sure that they can reach more customers with stores that will help them sell to people who are most interested in fashion for the every day. The every day fashion that people have needs to be as nice as possible, and it helps people to be sure that they can have something that they can throw on without any problem on It make sense for people to have a store to go to to get their casual clothes, and they also have to remember that they do not have to plan.

All the Fabletics clothes that are offered to women will help them look as lean as possible, and they can go to the gym or to do errands to have a better day. Changing clothes is way too easy when people are wearing Fabletics, and that is why it was designed in the first place on Pinterest. It was created to make sure that every woman will be able to wear something that she loves, and she can change in and out of her clothes with no problem. That matters when women are trying to get to the gym and do other things, and they make sure that they have spent the time to figure out how they will be able to care for their wardrobe during the day.

Changing is easier, and shopping in the store on gives women access to more styles every time they want something new. They need to be sure that they have chosen something they like because all the clothes fit really well.

It is much faster for women to go into a Fabletics store, and they will open over 100 of them in North America to reach all women. Women can buy all their pieces, and they can be sure that they have something that will work for every day. Being in a position to change easily helps women feel beautiful, and it helps them carry their clothes with the. The vision for Fabletics as created by Kate Hudson was simple chic that any woman can wear to any location.

How could the Cook Islands Brexit gold coin protect wealth?

 Money has always been defined as a valuable medium of exchange, store of wealth and unit of account. After the June 23, 2016 Brexit vote, the world got a dose of the difference between real money and fiat currency. The Cook Islands has minted a collection of Brexit gold coins, which could be used for wealth protection.

“Is the British Pound a Fiat Currency?”

For some time, England has been at the forefront of money development, going back to its “tally sticks.” These “tally sticks” were issued by the son of William the Conqueror. As the British expanded their empire, they had more access to precious metals.

The British King Henry VII started the modern silver Pound Sterling circa 1489. In fact, “Sterling Silver” is derived from the English valuation of 92.5% silver content, which was determined at the annual “Trial of the Pyx.”

Eventually, the British established the gold standard for international trade circa 1821. This conservative monetary system used the agreed-upon “gold” as its foundation.

Gradually, the United Kingdom has turned its Pound into a fiat currency by issuing paper bills. Nobody can turn their paper currency into the British Exchequer for real physical gold. Thus, the modern Pound is based on the “trust in the British Royal fiat.”

“British Pound Reaches 30-Year Low”

The benefit of the fiat currency is that you can print it very cheaply. Unfortunately, this ease of production can also be detrimental, as Brits discovered in the week after Brexit when the British Pound fell to a 30-yr low against the US Dollar. Technically, this means that 30 years of British production value was simply wiped away.

With gold, value is not wiped out that quickly. The value of precious metals tends to rise and fall in smaller increments.

“Brexit Gold Coins”

The Cook Islands have minted a variety of proof Brexit gold coins at .9999 fineness. Investors and collectors can choose from the 1/10 ounce or 1/2 gram $20 Dollar gold coin. These are both apportioned in relatively small amounts in order to appeal to the widest customer base.

These Brexit commemorative coins include an image of the United Kingdom, an arrow and the vote date. Just as the British people have regained some autonomy, you can also increase your own freedom with always-valuable gold coins. The US Money Reserve Brexit gold coin can help you protect your real wealth.

The Finance Industry with Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar founded the Dalrada Financial Corporation, an organization in which he serves as its CEO. Over the years, Brian has worked in senior positions in numerous leading corporations. Brian has previously worked with Smart-Tek Automated Services and Allegiant Professional Company.

Brian Bonar went to the reputed James Watt Technical College where he graduated with a Technical Engineering Bachelor’s degree. He is also among the most valued alumni of the Stafford University where he studied and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree. His firm, Dalrada Financial Corporation, acts as a liaison-marketing bureau.

Currently, the company provides its large customers with a full spectrum of operative services, which are unambiguously designed to foster their effectiveess and performance of their enterprises. The agency also offers various aftermarket services to different organizations.

Brian Bonar is also a Ph.D. holder. In 2010, Brian was privileged to be awarded the Cambridge Who’s Who. This previous award is granted to the various executives who display remarkable leadership abilities, excellent academic excellence, as well as professional accomplishments in their fields of specialization.

Noticeably, at one time in his lifetime, Brian Bonar stated that his desires entail leading the best performers to create, formulate, and deliver corporate design solutions. Brian Bonar strives to construct the trust of his clients through every opportunity, which presents itself. As a transformative leader, he has established himself as a person who is out to his team members, extended project partners and clients’ aspirations and goals.

Brian Bonar boasts a vast portfolio, which includes aviation, retail, multi-family housing, and commercial as well as K-12 education projects. By virtue of having served in a variety of leadership positions, Brian is endowed with an extensive management and financial experience. His diverse mixture of skills and experience are directed towards building great teams, client associations, and projects. Brian is also privileged to have worked with ITEC. This is an Imaging Technologies firm, which develops toping color management software and a service association for digital imaging software.

Mr. Brian also owns a chain of restaurants called Bellamy‘s and is based in San Diego. Brian plans to inject more capital into the restaurant’s mini-empire, which lies adjacent to a Bandy Canyon farm. Brian Bonar has intentions to convert the 144-acre grassy property into a four-star affair place with a substantial restaurant.

In order to turn his mission into reality, he intends to source a marquee chef. He is almost halfway in the process, as he has already made a significant recruitment a well-known farm, Ponsaty, to serve as a trainer to other chefs as well as work as a chef. The executive Bellamy’s offers the best cuisines in San Diego. The entity has sourced the best staff from the San Diego community. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Under the chef’s leadership, the restaurant recently overhauled the food, which it serves so as to satisfy the needs of its many customers. The move is intended and expected to increase the visitors as well as clients to the restaurant.

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Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Madison Street Capital Receives More Acquisition Transactions in 2016

Nearly seven months ago Madison Street Capital, a leading investment banking firm reported an increase in merger and acquisition transactions year end, 2015. The firm is closing more mergers and acquisitions in 2016, serving as executive financial advisor for companies, including the Dowco Group of Companies, Cansel Survey Equipment Inc., and Acuna & Asociados. The end of 2015, Madison Street announced hedge fund transactions rose 27 percent in comparison to 2014, according to a press release on The increase is expected to grow among buying and selling companies, as well as partnership consolidation during the present year. Institutional investors are initiating the trend by allocating funds to sectors of alternative assets management.


Madison Street’s Senior Managing Directors recently closed an acquisition deal between Dowco Group of Companies and Acuna in August 2016. Dowco acquired Acuna, a top steel engineering firm in Chile to enter the steel detailing market and to establish long term global growth. Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers successfully completed the acquisition transaction, according CEO, Charles Botchway. Madison also advised the Cansel Survey Equipment, Inc. acquisition of a division of the Dowco Group of Companies, Dowco Technology the end of December 2015. Dowco Group sold the division to focus primarily on providing steel detailing and BIM services.


Madison Street Capital is making strategic growth plans for leading companies in the technology, financial, steel, and other industries. The investment banking firm’s transactions portfolio includes more than 80 transactions, which is evidence mergers and acquisitions are steadily rising from the end of 2015 and entering the end of third quarter 2016. In 2014, Madison reported 32 M&A closings and in 2015, reported 42 closings. Hedge fund managers are safeguarding their assets and offsetting costs through merger and acquisition transactions.

Since 2005, the Chicago, Illinois-firm offers business valuations, merger & acquisition assistance, and financial advisory services in Africa, North America and Asia. D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital said after the M&A Overview Report was issued, that the hedge fund investment industry report was strong the previous year and by the end 2016 become stronger. Madison Street has provided financial advisory services to publicly and privately owned companies and corporations for almost 12 years. Charles Botchway is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of the firm and oversees its daily operations.

Madison Street Capital is one of the most recognizable investment banking firms in the Illinois. The firm’s Chief Operating Office, Anthony Marsala received the 2016 M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award for his expertise in the financial advisory industry. Madison Street also was nominated as a finalist in the 8th Annual International M&A Awards in professional services deal of year, technology deal of the year, and corporate & strategic acquisition of the year categories. All of the firm’s recognition proves their hedge fund managers and advisors have proven records in the industry.

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Securus Technologies Makes Inmate Filing Systems Better

The Securus Technologies’ vision is to reshape the entire Civil and Criminal Justice System by providing solutions that improve the imprisonment experience. As a for-profit company, they invest heavily on digital automation and already have a new tweak that will improve the inmate data recording systems.

Securus Technology has unveiled what they call the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application made available via ConnectUs. It’s a digitalized form that substitutes the paperwork required to record grievances, medical information, inmate sign up forms, and handbook acceptance forms. This saves the time previously spent on distributing, collecting, logging, copying, routing or saving correction facility forms—honestly, no one enjoys physical paperwork.

Besides the prison administration units, inmates also are benefiting from this system. The Inmate Forms and Grievances Application is customizable to make it user-friendlier and more personalized. Additionally, inmates are able to check the status of their applications, change or update any information on their records, when authorized, and not have to print new forms to accommodate the changes. Inmate records can be pulled out in an instant, for reference, without the pains of rummaging through old archived boxes—just for a single inmate record.

One more advantage that benefits all is the improved security on filing systems. Cases of losing inmate records or unauthorized tampering are out of the window now. Securus Technologies dedicate a lot of time to reinforce their inventions with impenetrable security solutions. Inmates have access to unlimited services while correction facilities no longer have to look behind their back when guarding sensitive information.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was launched in 1986 as a profiting company that provides technology solutions to better the incarceration experience for inmates. They are based in Dallas, Texas, and have grown to serve over 45 American states and other outside countries with their civil and criminal justice inventions.

Movie Style Commercial For Fabletics

Fabletics is an amazing line of athletic and “athleisure” clothes and gear founded by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson leads an active lifestyle, which is one of the reasons why the brand was born. She believes in a healthy active lifestyle and she believes that everyone else who seeks to live this active and healthy lifestyle should have some awesome gear and workout clothes to do it in.

The most recent commercial for Fabletics includes short videos of Kate Hudson in short snippets actually working out and wearing Fabletics in her every day life. Hudson is wearing a matching bra top and athletic pant on the pilates reformer. She is doing yoga in her living room, and even (gasp!) eating donuts at her kitchen island in her athletic clothes presumably recharging in between her next athletic pursuit.

Read more: @Fabletics

Kate jump ropes, does some pilates and yoga poses on a yoga ball, and outfits herself in some shorts for an intro to skateboarding session on Instagram. Letting people in on a sneak peak of how Kate lives her life behind the scenes makes it easier for customers to see how they could also benefit from wearing her Fabletics line in their own active lifestyles.

There are many different styles to choose from at Fabletics and all of the clothes are patterned, bright, and fashion forward, seeking to make workouts fun and fashionable rather than dreary and dull. There are great tops for yoga that are movable and breathable but also work for running errands. There are great yoga pants but also no shortage of running shorts that breathe for those marathon runners or weekend joggers. The great thing about Fabletics is that the clothes are versatile. They are great for using on the pilates reformer but are cute enough to lounge around in, even while poking your fingers in a box of donuts for a quick nosh. See:

Getting to Know Actress Crystal Hunt

Actress Crystal Hunt can trace her time in the limelight all the way back to when she was just 2 years old. That is when the Hollywood Actress got her first taste of fame on the pageant circuit. Her talent, when competing in pageants, was acting. It turns out that she was able to hone this talent as the years went on, as she has been a fixture on daytime television, in major motion pictures and in the media since 2003.

Crystal got her big break on the Soap Opera, Guiding Light. She played the role of Lizzie Spaulding and earned more than her fair share of fans and accolades for this role. Crystal went on to fill this role until 2006. During her run on Guiding Light Crystal also starred in the 2005 motion picture, The Derby Stallion alongside Hollywood A-Lister, Zac Efron.

Over the years she has managed to stay busy with a wide array of projects. In 2007 she won the role of “Dinky” in the teen-comedy Sydney White. Following that Hunt starred as Hannah in New York Underground.

Crystal made a stunning return to the world of Soap Operas when she was picked to play Stacy Morasco on the long-running daytime drama, One Life to Live. She spent several years playing this role; starting this successful run in 2009 and staying on through 2012. Talbot County in 2014. Crystal proved that she can wear more than one hat by producing the feature film. She went on to win a role in the very high profile major motion picture, Magic Mike XXL in 2015.

When she was not in front of the camera as an actress or working on other projects, Hunt has managed to combine her love of animals with an entrepreneurial spirit. She owns an upscale pet boutique in Clearwater Florida called “My Pets Dream Boutique.”

Brand New Cleansing Conditioner By WEN formulated By Chaz Dean

The newly formulated Wen hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean is a uniquely formulated 5 in 1 hair conditioner that leaves hair feeling firm and looking shiny. The Total Beauty product can be used to its full potential in a simple 3 step process. Step one starts off with a thorough rinse of the hair. Then apply a generous amount of cleansing conditioner into the palm of the hand. There are 3 different quantities for each length of hair. Short hair requires 10-16 pumps, medium hair 16-24 and long hair 24-32 pumps. If however the hair is both thicker and longer increase the amount of pumps to suit it appropriately.

The second step requires the user to apply the cleansing conditioner to the scalp and hair. Add small amounts of water and massage the product thoroughly into the hair. The unique feature about the Sephora endorsed 5 in 1 cleansing conditioner is that it does not contain sulfates which do not cause a lather. Sulfates such as sodium laurel sulfate are known to be harsh and aggressive to hair and therefore are not contained within the cleansing conditioner.

Step 3 is to simply rinse out the product with adequate quantities of water making sure it is completely massaged out of the hair.

In a recent blog post by Emily McClure on she uses the same cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean and is very impressed with the outcome as she noted her hair is a lot more bouncy, shiny and filled with moisture. All these traits are what she looks for in other products and has not been this impressed in a long time. Emily used the Sweet Almond Mint scented cleanser and really enjoyed its smell. Even her friends noticed a difference. Read


Doe Deere, Creator Of Lime Crime Tells The Secret Of Entrepreneurship From The Female Stand Point.

All you have to do is hang on Instagram long enough and you are bound to see countless photos of Lime Crime founder and female entrepreneur, Doe Deere. She will often be wearing hues that are bright and easy to spot, her face painted with the make up that is her brand. Having said that, do not let this pretty face fool you because there is so much more to Doe Deere than just a pretty face with a brush full of makeup. Doe is a business owner that invented her own brand of female entrepreneurship. Ms.Deere was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Read more:

Lime Crime has become a success story and an experiment in the world of female entrepreneurship that so many people can find inspiration from. Doe talks openly about her company and other subjects in all of the interviews she gives.Doe even talks about her childhood and how she grew up as an imaginative child and was into color. Doe also expresses how great and unreal it is to be able to bring that playfulness into her life and her adult world.

Around the year 2004 when Doe needed a name for her ebay store, she picked Lime Crime. It was based on her favorite color, a bright green and something that rhymed with it. In today’s world that name, Lime Crime stands for so many things. It stands for being able to break all the rules and coloring outside the lines, revolution of color and the freedom of personal expression. It also reminds everyone not to be too serious about themselves or life.

One of the things Doe Deere loves about business on the internet is the fact that social media is so honest and quick. Because Lime Crime is a brand that wants to stay connected to their customers, social media allows them to do that with ease. Doe Deere understands that it is part of the process of doing business. Before Lime Crime many of the makeup customers spent countless hours trying to get makeup companies to provide them with more makeup that had brighter colors. The clients talked but the makeup companies didn’t answer. That’s where Lime Crime picked up the bright pink powder puff and started to run with it. Doe had the dream and the ambition to see the goal. She took a few hundred dollars and answered the call by not just giving the makeup wearers brighter colors, but, by building an entire make up brand that they have come to know, like and trust. Learn more about Lime Crime:

Doe Deere understands that for female entrepreneurship to be successful you have to have more than a pretty face, you have to face the challenges head on and create the change you want to see in the world. At the same time, you have to create your brand using the latest tools of the trade and make sure that your are keeping your customers happy all at the same time. Does Deere knows how to do this and it shows in her brand, Lime Crime.

Follow Doe Deere on Twitter! @doedeere